Zishta Neem Wood Chopping Board (12 X 8.5 X 0.5 inches) Review


Product Snapshot

  • Hand-crafted by traditional artisans of rural West Bengal.
  • Designed ergonomically for better handling.
  • Completely scratch-free.
  • Anti-bacterial properties which make it safe and healthy.
  • Heat-resistant and non-reactive on raw food.

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About Zishta Neem Wood Chopping Board

Made from neem wood which has antibacterial properties, Zishta Neem Wood Chopping Board is safe and healthy for chopping purposes. It is heat-resistant and scratch-free allowing safe chopping. Individually handcrafted by the rural artisans, Zishta brings the unique craftsmanship from the rural Indian villages to the surface. This kitchen accessory is an environment-friendly product, biodegradable and inert to food substances, meaning that, unlike plastic chopping boards that release toxins on coming in contact with the raw food materials, this chopping board is safe to use.

Benefits of Zishta Neem Wood Chopping Board

  • It is biodegradable cutlery designed for easy handling and replace plastic with Eco-friendly products.
  • It is an anti-bacterial and organic wood product which makes it 100% safe and healthy for chopping surfaces.
  • It is heat and scratch resistant in nature.

Key Ingredient

1) Neem Wood


Neem wood is used in creating this biodegradable environment-friendly kitchen accessory. Neem wood consists of Heartwood and sapwood. The wood is dull to lustrous in appearance, but without any characteristic taste, as the taste of the chopped materials remains unaltered. Neem wood is hard, scratch resistant, solid, moderately heavy and beautifully textured. The color of this chopping board is reddish brown in with a glazy, smooth texture. It is durable even in open situations and resistant to pest attacks.

Why use this Product

  • This neem wood chopping board is antifungal and antiseptic in nature and is perfectly suitable for regular use in the kitchen. It can also be kept out in the open because it has very efficient pest resistant properties.
  • Traditional kitchenware finds a perfect place in every household. Neem bark and roots have long been used in Indian folk medicine to cure malaria, jaundice and intestinal parasites. Hence, using this product poses no health hazards to the family members.
  • The durability of this chopping board can be explained on the basis of the interlocking pattern of its wood grains that bind the wood together and prevent it from falling apart.
  • This neem wood chopping board is crafted by the rural artisans of West Bengal and by using this product, we encourage them to keep working on their extraordinary talents and also contribute to their livelihoods.
  • This neem wood chopping board is essentially Eco-friendly and on disposal, it decays rapidly under sunlight and decomposes to simple, easily absorbable components in the soil, unlike its plastic counterparts and take centuries to degrade and effects human health.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimension: 33 x 21.6 x 1.3cm.
  • Colour: It is reddish brown and glazy in colour.


  • Clean the board before and after use with soap and water, dry with a cloth.

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Zishta Neem Wood: Chopping Board Rating ₹ 1700

In Summary

A hand made neem wood chopping board by Zishta. It is a handy board with anti-bacterial properties. Why continue with those plastic chopping boards when you can bring in the goodness and care of neem into your everyday cooking?


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