Vim Dishwash Gel Review

Vim Dishwash Gel

  • Liquid soap
  • Easily available
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Mixes in water

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About Vim Dishwash Gel

While we all enjoy cooking and eating, we all want to avoid the part of washing the dirty utensils, don’t we? And in our Indian kitchens, the job is much tougher. Tough stains that just don’t go, the odour of the masala that lingers on… are some of the side effects of our love for food and cooking. This Dishwash Gel from Vim comes to the rescue with its promise to clean the utensils in one go. Vim Dishwash Gel is a liquid soap which makes dish cleaning easy, it has a unique formula which makes it excellent when it comes to cleaning tough stains as well as bad odour, all oil and greasiness is washed away in just one go with Vim Dishwash Gel, it has a texture which easily gets dissolved in water and makes cleaning easy.

About Vim Dishwash Gel

Benefits of Vim Dishwash Gel

  • Cleans oil easily
  • Leaves no stain behind
  • Fights odour present in utensils
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easily available

Key Ingredients of Vim Dishwash Gel

Sodium LAS, Disodium EDTA, SLES, Concentrated Lime Juice, CI 19140, CI 42051, Water.

How to Use Vim Dishwash Gel

  • Add Vim Dishwash Gel to water
  • Make a solution
  • Wash utensils

Who is it for

  • Concern- Cleaning utensils
  • Utensils- Suits all utensils

Physical Attributes

  • Colour- Lemon Yellow
  • Smell- Pleasing Smell
  • Texture- Liquid soap


The product comes in a plastic bottle which is sturdy and transparent, it has a dropper kind of dispenser, the bottle is small, lightweight and travel-friendly.

Side effects of Vim Dishwash Gel

  • Do not swallow
  • Do not use near wounds
  • Do not use to clean clothes or floor

About Vim

Vim is a brand owned by Unilever. It was made by William Hesketh Lever, he made it change the way of cleaning things. It was the first product if Unilever.

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1. What is the meaning of dishwashing?

Dishwashing is cleaning utensils.

2. How can I make dishwashing easier?

To make dishwashing easily collect all dishes, wash them with water, after that use Vim Dishwasher Gel mixed with water, wash all utensils and keep them aside. For dishes with tough stains, soak them with water for some time.

3. What is the best dishwasher detergent?

There are a lot of dishwashers available in the market, choosing one is difficult but Vim Dishwash Gel is a good dishwasher which cleans oils and grease easily.

4. How do you soak dirty dishes?

To soak dirty dishes, fill them with water and let them be like that for one or half an hour.

5. Is liquid or powder dishwasher soap better?

Liquid soap is a better dishwasher, it mixes easily with water and is better when it comes to clean oil and grease from utensils.

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Here are some tips to clean your kitchen utensils naturally and safely,

Vim Dishwash Gel Rating ₹ 348

In Summary

Get cleaner utensils in one go with Vim Dishwash Gel, wash away all oils and grease easily.


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