Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

Product Snapshot

  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Strong action against pimples and acne.
  • Has the goodness of minerals like sodium and magnesium.
  • Fades fine lines and reduces wrinkles.
  • Improves complexion by cleansing and minimizing pore size.
  • Absorbs extra oil from skin and removes blackheads and whiteheads from within the pores.

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About Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

This dead sea mud mask by Pure Body Naturals is a sure way to get rid of the annoying acne and acne scars along with reducing blackheads and other skin impurities. The natural ingredients give a glow to the skin and make it smooth. To add to the benefits, this dead sea mud mask is suitable for all skin types.

 Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

Benefits of Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

  • The product claims to improve blood flow and remove impurities and toxins.
  • It eliminates redness and removes acne and pimples.
  • Helps in removing blackheads, wrinkles and acne scars by natural exfoliation.

Key Ingredients

1) Dead Sea Mud


This clears the skin of any sign of acne and gives it a lustre. It removes the toxins from the skin and prevents further breakouts.

2) Shea Butter


Being rich in fatty acids, Shea butter gives the ultimate glowing and smooth skin.

3) Sunflower and Jojoba Oil


These provide the best moisturization for the skin and helps in eliminating acne. The many skin-nourishing properties of Jojoba oil are widely used throughout the world.

How To Use

  • Wash your face first with a mild face wash/ soap and pat it dry.
  • Apply the dead sea mask on your face and neck area, carefully avoiding the eye area, and leave it for 15-20 minutes to dry.

Who Is It for

  • Skin Type: This product is suitable for all skin types.
  • Age: The product does not specify any age but users can begin as early as the mid-20s.
  • Gender: For all genders.
  • Concerns: Anti-Ageing, Anti-Acne, Getting rid of Pimples & Blackheads, Getting rid of wrinkles.

Physical Attributes

  • Texture: A thick, soft and creamy texture that spreads easily on the skin.
  • Colour: The colour of the product resembles that of wet clay.
  • Smell: The product is scent-free, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin.


It comes in a stylish black container with a silver tin lid, ensuring sturdy and travel-friendly packaging. The directions to use and the ingredients list are clearly mentioned on the back cover.


  • Not to be used in case you have burns or cuts on your skin as then, it might cause irritation.

About The Brand


Pure Body’s mission is to make natural beauty and wellness more attainable for everyone.  The company always source the most simple and effective ingredients possible, while also keeping the customer’s wallet in mind. The aim is to find their natural products truly support discovering the pure beauty and living the best life.

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