Pappco Greenware Big Round Plate (Pack of 20) Review


Product Snapshot

  • An eco-friendly disposable product that is safe for serving food.
  • Made with the fallen leaves of the Areca palm trees.
  • Handcrafted to ensure the best product possible.
  • Doesn’t contain any synthetic chemical or colour.
  • More pleasing and hygienic than paper plates and plastic plates.

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About Pappco Greenware Big Round Plate

Pappco Greenware Big Round Plate contains a set of 20 large sized round plates that are ideal to serve food during gatherings, weddings, barbeques and meetings. Made using premium quality, naturally fallen palm leaves, these plates are trendy yet functional. This environment-friendly product is produced in India, hand-made rather than factory manufactured. Super easy to use, these are must-have for every occasion.


Benefits of Pappco Greenware Big Round Plate

  • Handcrafted in India, these plates are made from the fallen leaves and therefore, no harvesting is done in the whole process of production.
  • An ideal replacement for plastic tableware as these does not contain any hazardous chemical or synthetic colour.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, this environment-friendly product is 100% compostable and will quickly break down in nature.
  • Adds innovation and individuality to the presentation of your delicacies, making them more tempting and totally harmless for kids.

How is it Made

1) Shredded Leaves of the Areca Palm Trees


Areca palm trees are known to naturally drop their old leaves, making room for the new ones. These shredded leaves have been used for centuries to make environment-friendly biodegradable products like plates bowls and trays as they can be easily compressed into different shapes and sizes. Areca palm is often found in Indian houses as it acts as an air purifying agent and looks beautiful. Even its fruits and seeds serve a variety of needs and have multiple health benefits. Products made of areca palm leaves will naturally break down within 6-8 weeks after you decompose them. Even after they are considered of no use, they shower the earth with nutrients and love.

Why use this Product

  • The importance of eco-friendly products lies in the fact that they do not pollute the ecosystem. But when it comes to deciding on disposable cutlery, many people prefer cutlery made of plastic as it is cheap and easily available. Plastic absorbs and releases hazardous chemicals that can potentially harm a wide variety of life. The Pappco Greenware Areca Big Round Plate is a perfect alternative for plastic or polymer products and won’t transfer any toxic substance to your food.
  • The process of manufacturing these plates from palm trees involve collecting the dry Areca leaf sheaths and soaking them in water. They are then deep cleaned using brushes to eliminate any sand residue. The leaves are appropriately arranged so that the water can be drained. These leaves are then pressed in the moulds of diverse sizes and attractive designs as per the demand-requirements. The whole process is natural and doesn’t involve the use of any chemical. Hence, it can be safely used by kids and supports the concept of green living.
  • This eco-friendly disposable product gives an old school charm to your regular delicacies and increases the sensory appeal. It acts as a perfect option for serving any main course item during parties and weddings or can be used during an outdoor brunch, picnic or barbeque. It is convenient to carry and hold them through self-service buffets as they are lightweight and comfortable to deal with.

Physical Attributes

  • Colour: May vary from plate to plate.
  • In the box: 20 plates.


  • It is recommended to dispose of this biodegradable product after a few uses.
  • Avoid direct contact with fire and do not heat them or microwave them.
  • Need to be stored and handled with care as cracks or splinters might develop.

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Pappco Greenware Big Round Plate Rating ₹ 300

In Summary

A handcrafted Areca palm tree serving plate without synthetic chemicals or colours. Replace your disposable plastic tableware with this pleasing and eco-friendly product.


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