Pappco Disposable Pine Boat for Serving Food Review

-Pappco Disposable Pine Boat for Serving Food (Pack of 50)

Product Snapshot

  • An eco-friendly disposable product that is safe for serving food.
  • More appealing and hygienic than paper plates and plastic plates.
  • Innovative and unique way to serve food and entice your guests.
  • A pine product that is compostable and won’t pollute the environment.
  • Lightweight and safe for kids.

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About Pappco Disposable Pine Boat for Serving Food

The Pappco Disposable Pine Boat for Serving Food is an environment-friendly product composed from pine wood, a renewable resource, using sustainable forestry practices. This pack contains a set of 50 standard sized pine boats, ideal to serve starters and small portions of delicacies during gatherings, weddings, barbeques or meetings. The design and shape of these boats are appealing to the eyes and rather attractive, especially for the kids. Free from any harmful chemicals or synthetic colors, this product is a must-have for every special occasion.

-Pappco Disposable Pine Boat for Serving Food (Pack of 50)

Benefits of Pappco Disposable Pine Boat for Serving Food

  • The product is made from premium quality all-natural pine wood that is environment-friendly. As a result, it won’t pollute the earth like plastic and can be easily disposed of after use.
  • A stylish yet functional biodegradable product that adds charisma to your food display and makes the delicacies look more appealing.
  • Completely hygienic and free from artificial colour and toxin which makes it an ideal substitute for plastic tableware.
  • Appropriately structured to serve starters and snacks as well as desserts. Is sure to attract the attention of kids.

How is it Made

1) Pinewood


Pinewood is obtained from the evergreen, coniferous resinous pine trees that are native to the Northern Hemisphere and are also seen in few parts of the tropics in the Southern Hemisphere. These trees are generally very tall (10-260 ft) and are considered fast-growing softwoods. Its timber and wood pulp are valued all over the world and as pines do not have any insect or decay-resistant qualities after logging, it is commercially used for indoor construction purposes. Pine is a renewable resource and the artistic natural patterns and grains in the wood give it an aesthetic appeal. Pinewood is easier to cut, stain and carve than other natural materials which make it easy to work with. A wide range of pine products are available in the market to substitute plastic and are greatly appreciated.

Check here to know more about the benefits of pine oil which are extracted from Pinewood.

Why use this Product

  • The importance of eco-friendly products rests in the fact that they do not contaminate the environment. But when it comes to deciding on disposable cutlery, many people opt for cutlery made of plastic as it is cheap and readily available. Plastic soaks in and releases hazardous chemicals that can possibly harm a wide variety of life. The Pappco Disposable 6 Inch Medium Pine Boat for food acts as the perfect alternative. These pine boats are biodegradable in nature and do not contain any artificial chemical. Hence, this tableware is a far safer option than plastic.
  • As this environment-friendly product is disposable in nature, it takes care of the hygiene factor and there is no maintenance needed. Pinewood is all-natural and won’t interfere with the flavour of your food or release any odour. It is safe to serve foods for children in these boats.
  • From fries and pasta to salad and your favourite cheesecake, the product is well- suited to hold an appropriate portion of food effortlessly. As it is lightweight, it won’t feel heavy or greasy on your hand. Moreover, it won’t irritate your skin and can be ideally put to use for outdoor events like brunch or barbeque.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimension: 6 Inch.
  • Size: L17 x H13 x W9 cm.
  • Colour: Beige.
  • In the box: 50 Pine Boats.


  • Dispose of once used. Do not wash and keep them for further usage.
  • Pine products aren’t always 100% waterproof & hence, not recommended for serving liquids.
  • Do not heat them or microwave them.

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Pappco Disposable Pine Boat for Serving Food Rating ₹ 450

In Summary

It is an innovative and unique pinewood serving plate is a choice for the stylish and the conscious. Use this eco-friendly product to add charisma to your food display and save the planet of one-time plastic disposables too.


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