Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil Review

Organix Mantra Jojoba Oil

Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil

  • Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil is a natural oil extracted from seeds of Jojoba plant.
  • It should be mixed with other oils and be used, as it is a carrier oil.
  • It mostly helps in moisturization and conditioning the skin and hair.
  • A very little quantity is required to be used to unravel its benefits.
  • It has Vitamin E, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which help in maintaining clear skin.

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About Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil

Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil is a mini pack of happiness to those dealing with dry hair or skin and have damaged skin due to scars, inflammation, burns or pimples. It provides hydration to the skin and acts as an anti-aging oil as well.

Benefits of using Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil

  • It benefits the skin by providing a smooth texture.
  • It adds a lustrous glow to the hair and makes them look appealing.
  • It can be used to put a check to chapped lips.
  • This oil makes an excellent contribution to getting manicure and pedicure done at home.

Key Ingredients of Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil

1.Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

The only ingredient used here is the seeds of Jojoba plant, which is scientifically called as Simmondsia Chinensis. These seeds are cold pressed, and the oil is extracted. This oil has no added additives, fragrances or chemicals and thereby not letting the richness of original Jojoba oil from losing its characteristics.

How to Use Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil

  • This oil should not be used directly on the skin for aroma and therapeutic uses.
  • It should be used in dilution with other oils or packs and be applied over skin & then be gently massaged.
  • One can use it for spa, manicure or pedicure purposes and lather themselves in the rich aroma of the Jojoba oil.
  • The freshness and smell will last for a few hours after its usage and gives a very relaxed feeling.

Who is it for

This oil can be used by all, barring pregnant women, who may use with doctor’s consent.

Physical Attributes

  • The oil is translucent with a strong odour.
  • It leaves a little greasy feeling on the skin.


It is packed in a small bottle with a screw cap and has a 30 ml quantity of oil in it.


  • This oil is for external purposes only.
  • If contacted with eyes or ingested, it should be washed thoroughly and should consult the doctor immediately.

About Organix Mantra

Organix Mantra logo

Organix Mantra is a brand majorly selling essential oils like Lavender, Lemon, and Jojoba oils. All of which are naturally made and are 100% pure. So, they should be mixed and diluted with other oils in combination.

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Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil Rating ₹ 449

In Summary

Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil is a solution to skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and like Issues. It guards the skin against excess sebum production, which may lead to pimples, acne, blemishes or breakouts. A little of  Organix Mantra Jojoba Carrier Oil works its magic in healing the skin of any of those damages. Those who have used this oil are bound to use it forever, because of the betterment it brings to the skin.


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