Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush Review

Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush Soft

Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush  

  • 3 types of bristles
  • Specially designed for sensitive teeth
  • U shaped heads
  • Soft bristles
  • Gum-friendly
  • Easily available

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About the Product Description

Every day, the first thing we use is a toothbrush, so it needs to be the best, a toothbrush should be carefully selected so that we get a clean mouth every morning. Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush is a good choice for this, it is soft, has 3 kinds of bristles and has a U shaped head which reaches at the end of the month to clean it thoroughly. Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush has a unique design when it comes to bristles, it has 3 types of bristles, one of them is for cleaning stains, one for caring for gums and one is for caressing sensitive teeth. Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush is good for all, it suits normal teeth as well as sensitive teeth, it cares for your gums also. Due to its special and innovative design, it reaches the ends of your mouth to clean them and give you excellent oral hygiene.

about Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush Soft

Benefits of Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush  

  • Serves all purpose of brushing by 3 kinds of bristles
  • Suits sensitive teeth as well
  • Easily available
  • Pocket-friendly
  • U shaped head which reaches till the end of the mouth
  • Removes stains from teeth
  • Soft bristles

How to Use Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush  

  • Apply toothpaste on the brush
  • Use as your regular toothbrush
  • Brush twice a day for better oral hygiene

Who is it for

  • Age- Suitable for all
  • Tooth kind- Suits all types of teeth, good for sensitive teeth
  • Concern- Oral hygiene

Physical Attributes

  • Bristles- Plastic
  • Handle- Plastic
  • Head- Plastic, U-shaped


The product comes in a plastic and cartan packaging. It is neatly packed and is very light. The product is easy to use and travel-friendly.

Oral-B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush Side Effects

  • Do not brush your teeth in a strong way
  • Brush twice a day for better oral hygiene

About Oral B

Oral-B logo

Oral B is an oral hygiene brand owned by Proctor and Gamble. It is an international brand and provides many kinds of toothbrushes which serve every kind of teeth in the world.

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1. What is the best Oral B toothbrush?

Oral B provides a variety of toothbrush for  different purposes, it has manual as well as electronic toothbrush, choosing the best Oral B toothbrush can be tough but as there are plenty of toothbrushes available and each one caters a different need so  select a brush which serves all your need, that would be the best Oral B toothbrush for you.

2. What does Oral B stand for?

Oral B is a brand which offers toothbrushes, the B in Oral B stands for Brush. It indicates that Oral B offers products that are for complete oral hygiene.

3. Are all Oral B toothbrushes the same?

No, each brush offered by Oral B is different, Oral B makes toothbrush after studying about the problem that a person faces, so they have a plethora of toothbrushes for everyone, making all Oral B toothbrushes different.

4. Do all Oral B toothbrushes use the same heads?

Yes, all Oral B has the same kind of U shaped head in all it’s toothbrushes, it is a very suitable design for reaching to the end of mouths. The head is little improvised in different toothbrushes.

5. Do Oral B toothbrush heads fit Sonicare?

Yes, Oral B toothbrush heads fit in Sonicare, Oral B offers a wide variety of heads that can be used for getting better oral health. The head fits in all except Pulsonic.

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In Summary

Get better oral health with Oral B Sensitive Whitening Toothbrush, use regularly and get a healthier mouth.


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