NaturePac Grow/Plant Bags For Kitchen – Medium Size (Set Of 5) Review


Product Snapshot

  • Eco-friendly bags for plants that act as the lighter, more durable and healthier alternatives to plants than the heavy pots.
  • These storage bags for plants are UV tested, they maintain their structure even when excess water is poured.
  • Excessive water is drained through the holes at the bottom of these bags, whilst allowing the plant roots to breathe.
  • They are biodegradable bags that are healthier for the environment.
  • They can be used to grow a variety of plants, including the deep-rooted ones. However, plants like carrots and potatoes, that grow underground should not be kept in this, for more than 3 months.

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About NaturePac Grow/Plant Bags For Kitchen

Nature Pac Grow/Plant Bags Medium Size Set Of 5 For Kitchen provide a ground-breaking alternative to pots for growing plants. They are sturdy and sunlight-proof, maintaining their structure under all kinds of weather. They can be used for growing a variety of plants for the garden and kitchen, including the ones that are deep-rooted. These eco-friendly bags have holes at the bottom that let the excess water drain out. They are much lighter than the pots. They are also biodegradable bags, which decompose into the soil after disposal. The holes also ensure that the roots of the plants get enough oxygen to breathe. For people who acknowledge the importance of eco-friendly products, this is a must-try.

Benefits of NaturePac Grow/Plant Bags For Kitchen

  • These storage bags plants are thick and strong which makes them hold-up effectively under different weather conditions. They have been redesigned to be sturdy even when excess water is poured. These bags are extremely durable.
  • They are also UV tested. It is assured that sunlight cannot damage these bags. However, replacement of these bags after 1000 days is suggested.
  • The sizes of these bags are perfect for the growth of the plant. They are light, and hence better options than pot plants which are often too heavy to move around.
  • They have holes at the bottom, which drains the excess water, helping the plants to flourish properly.
  • Plants grown in these bags can easily be transported and would not break like the earthen pots would.
  • These are biodegradable bags which essentially makes them an excellent environment-friendly product that does not harm the environment.
  • These eco-friendly bags are breathable in that the roots of the plants can get enough oxygen to breathe.

How is it Made


These storage bags for plants are made of 100% biodegradable plastic, also known as bioplastics. Bioplastics are made from biomass that is renewable – like remains of corn, wood, mushroom, soy, potatoes, sugar cane, coconut and so on, in contrast to the conventional non-biodegradable plastics which are made of crude oil. The bioplastics, thus, do not even deplete the natural resources of the earth, for its construction. They decompose into the soil much faster than conventional plastics and do not remain around as a pollutant. Apart from being biodegradable, they can also be used for composting, or recycled, if need be. Thus, the storage bags made from these plastics are environment-friendly products.

Why use this Product

  • These are biodegradable bags that are environment-friendly. They break down easily into the soil after disposal. They also do not harm the surrounding natural soil and plants when used in the garden.
  • They are light-weighted, weighing just 290 gm, in contrast to the 3-5 kilogram weight of the pots. The pots are also not very suitable for moving around due to their weight and fragile material. Once the pots break, the whole plant needs to be shifted elsewhere, putting their survival into question. With these storage bags, there is a sense of security that they won’t break, even during transportation.
  • Their design has been made in such a way that they are sturdy even when excess water is poured over the plants. This excess water is then drained through the holes at the bottom. The holes also enable the plant roots to breathe.
  • The bags are UV tested and do not get damaged under continuous exposure to sunlight. An environment-friendly product, these bags can be used under different weather conditions.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions: Length (24 cm), Width (24 cm), Depth (40 cm).
  • Colour: It is white in colour.


  • Despite its durability, do not forget to replace the bags after 1000 days of sunlight exposure.
  • While these eco-friendly bags are fine for growing deep-rooted vegetables, growing plants like carrots need special care. For safety, do not leave the carrots in the bags for more than 3 months.

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NaturePac Grow/Plant Bags For Kitchen - Medium Size (Set Of 5) Rating ₹ 399

In Summary

A UV tested grow bag for your plants. Strong and maintains its upright structure. A fantastic alternative to heavy pots. Buy them by the sets, and grow all kitchen garden needs in these.


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