NaturePac Biodegradable Garbage Bags Review


Product Snapshot

  • A step ahead to save the environment and reduce plastic pollution
  • The eco-friendly garbage bags are biodegradable in nature
  • Stronger than regular plastic garbage bags
  • Easy to carry anywhere and ensures there is no spillage
  • The product is manufactured in India

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About NaturePac Biodegradable Garbage Bags

As per reports, an average Indian consumes approximately 11 kg of plastic each year and most of that is contributed by the use of plastic bags. The NaturePac Biodegradable Garbage Bags is the beginning of a new journey towards plastic-free earth. These environment-friendly bags are made in such a way that they will completely decompose within a year. They obey the ASTM 6954-04 international standards that check the quality of plastic bags. These bags can be used in many ways for household cleaning purpose as they are relatively thick and sturdy.

Benefits of NaturePac Biodegradable Garbage Bags

  • The NaturePac Biodegradable Garbage Bags have been verified and certified 100% oxo-biodegradable and recyclable. This implies that they will naturally degrade within a year, ensuring a greener earth.
  • The star sealed bottom of these bags makes it 10 times stronger than the regular non-biodegradable garbage bags of the same dimensions.
  • These bags are equipped to sustain up to 5kg of load effortlessly because of its higher tensile strength. It can fit into a small sized dustbin of 20 litres.
  • Though these bio-degradable garbage bags are produced and made in India, they are compatible with the international standard that ensures the durability of these bags. It also lends a helping hand to the progress of the Indian economy.

How is it Made

1) Biodegradable Plastic


The principal material used in the manufacturing process of these garbage bags is biodegradable plastic. Biodegradable plastic loses all its plastic properties under the influence of normal UV light or sunlight. This indicates that the ductile strength of these bags diminishes radically within a time period of 12 to 15 months and they no longer remain a part of the environment once they are degraded. The material has been examined from a nationally certified lab and the test report confirms a positive result.

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How to Use

  • Unroll the pack and tear a single piece.
  • Unfold and open the garbage bag.
  • It is ready to use.

Physical Attributes

  • Quantity: 180 units
  • Dimensions: Small size: 51 cm (Height); 43 cm (Width), Medium size: 56 cm (Height); 48 cm (Width)
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Colour: Green


The product is neatly packed in a carton box which acts as a storage box as well. A set of 30 bags are rolled together and are distributed into six rolls. It doesn’t take a lot of areas and is easy to handle.


  • It is designed for general household cleaning purpose. Hence, do not use it to carry heavy items or for any other intent.
  • Strictly prevent any possible contact with fire.
  • Be cautious regarding the weight of wet garbage.
  • Check if it is compatible with the size of your dustbin.

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NaturePac Biodegradable Garbage Bags Rating ₹ 599

In Summary

This garbage bag is biodegradable and comes with high durability. Best of both worlds. If you segregate your garbage, you’re awesome! It’s time you segregate your garbage bags too.


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