Mamaearth Argan Hairfall Control Mask Review

Mamaearth Argan Hairfall Control Mask

Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask

  • Contains chemicals
  • Paraben-free
  • SLS free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Certified toxic free

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About Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask

Hair needs the same care which our body and face need like we do masking of our face, that mask provides the necessary nourishment and also take out the dirt which our skin had come in contact with. Hair masks are also like that, they give the nourishment that hairs need, hair masks give conditioning to our hairs and revitalize them. Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask is also like that, it is an Argan reach hair conditioner with milk and curd proteins as well which are good for a scalp, it makes hairs soft, this hair mask has a dual use, it can be used as a conditioner and a leave in also. Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask is certified to be toxic free, it is dermatologically tested and safe for every type of hairs and scalp. It makes dull hairs full of life and thus also reduces hair-fall. Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask is excellent for providing deep nourishment or normal conditioning, it is a nice pick as a hair mask.

Mamaearth Argan Hairfall Control Mask package

Benefits of Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask

  • Conditions hairs
  • Makes hairs strong
  • Nourishes scalp
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Can be used as leave in as well
  • Use as a normal conditioner
  • Use for deep nourishment
  • Easily available
  • Non-messy product

Key Ingredients of Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask

Purified Water, Milk Protein, Curd Extract, Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Sodium Citrate, Brassica Alcohol, Brassicamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Hydrolysed Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate & Potassium Sorbate.

1. Milk Protein


Milk peptides are proteins, they seep down into the skin and simulate scalp and follicles, it makes them healthy.

2. Argan Oil

argan oil

Argan Oil is a great ingredient for hair care, it seeps inside the skin and repairs it. It is a natural softener, it is very rich in Vitamin E. It is non-greasy plus it gives the desired shine.

3. Rosemary Oil

rosemary oil

Rosemary Oil is used since ancient times for healthy hairs. Rosemary oil has soothing capacities, it increases brain activity, makes blood circulation more active and lightens one’s mood

4. Tea tree oil

tea tree oil

Tea tree essential oil cares for follicles and unclogs pores, it nourishes roots as well. It is very potent so it is used in a mix with other oils.

5. Curd Extract


Curd works on making hairs clean, it makes hairs and scalp healthy. It fights dandruff effectively.

6. Cedarwood Oil

cedarwood oil

Cedarwood Oil is good for reducing hair-fall, it treats various types of alopecia as well. It nourishes hair follicles and increases blood circulation which promotes hair growth.

How to use Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask

  • Shampoo your hairs
  • Make sections
  • Apply dollops of hair mask on these sections
  • Comb
  • Leave for 10 minutes for normal conditioning and for 30 minutes for deep conditioning
  • Use a shower cap or a warm damp towel
  • Wash your hairs

Who is it for

  • Gender- Can be used by anyone
  • Age- Teenagers to adults
  • Hair type- Suitable for all hair types
  • Concern- Dry hairs, unhealthy hairs, hair-fall

Physical Attributes

  • Texture- Thick cream
  • Colour- Cream coloured
  • Smell- Smells like curd


The product comes in a cartan and then there is a plastic tub which is of white and pink colour, the cap is screw cap. It is lightweight and compact. It is travel-friendly as well.

Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask Side Effects

  • Check ingredients for possible allergies

About Mamaearth

mamaearth logo

A brand from a parent for a parent, it is made specially for toxin free products, it is certified to be very safe and offers products for skin, hair, baby and mother care.

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1. Do hair masks make your hair grow?

No, hair mask donot make hair grow, they promote hair growth. They are helpful in reducing hair-fall but they cannot cause new hairs to grow. A hair treatment or a product dedicated to hair growth can do do but hair mask donot make new hairs to grow, existing hairs are given nourishment and they grow from short to long.

2. What is the best homemade hair mask for damaged hair?

The best homemade hair mask for damaged hair is made by mixing Coconut oil, Shea Butter and Argan Oil with any other essential oil according to the need of your hairs like Tea Tree Oil for having a cleaner scalp and hairs.

3. Does oiling your scalp make your hair grow?

Yes, oiling increases hair growth, it nourishes hair follicles and increases blood circulation, which in turn stimulates hair growth.

4. How do you treat dry damaged hair?

To treat dry and damaged hairs, oil them regularly, use mild shampoos, always use a conditioner, protecte them from heat and dirt and use a hair mask like Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask

5. What shampoo is best for bleached hair?

For bleached hairs, mild shampoos should be used, Mamaearth provides such a range of mild shampoos which are good for bleached hairs.

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Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask Rating ₹ 599

In Summary

A hair mask with Argan Oil, Mamaearth makes your hairs soft and makes them very healthy.


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