Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Review

Lizol Floor Disinfectant

  • Contains chemicals
  • Contains alcohol
  • Comes in 3 variants
  • Easily available

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About Lizol Floor Cleaner

Mopping floor is an important part of cleaning home, we regularly mop floor so that it is sparkling clean, phenyl is often used with water to mop floor, Lizol Floor Cleaner is a good phenyl for cleaning floor, it cleans the floor effectively and leaves a beautiful smell behind, it comes in 3 variants and all of them has excellent aroma. Lizol Floor Cleaner is easily available and is pocket-friendly. Lizol Floor Cleaner is a nice disinfectant to use.

Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner Citrus length

Benefits of Lizol Floor Disinfectant

  • Cleans floor and tiles
  • Nice aroma
  • Easily available
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Works effectively
  • Easy to use

Key Ingredients of Lizol Floor Disinfectant

Ethanol, Isopropyl alcohol, o-benzoylphenol, O-phenylphenol, potassium hydroxide, alkyl dimethylbenzyl ammonium saccharinate, alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide

How to Use Lizol Floor Disinfectant

  • Add Patanjali Gonyle Floor Cleaner to water
  • Use it as your regular phenyl

Who is it for

  • Concern- Cleaner home, the natural option of phenyl

Physical Attributes

  • Colour- White
  • Smell- Citrus or floral, depending on the variant
  • Texture- Water like


The product comes in a plastic bottle which is sealed, it is compact and lightweight. The product is easy to carry and travel-friendly.

Side Effects of Lizol Floor Disinfectant

  • Donot swallow
  • Keep away from children

About Lizol

Lizol is a brand which offers products for cleaning homes, it is owned by Reckitt and Benckiser, the branch offers a wide range of products for different types of cleaning solutions.

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1. What is the use of Lizol?

Lizol is used for cleaning floor and tiles, it also disinfects the floor and tiles.

2. Can I use Lysol Bathroom Cleaner in the kitchen?

You can use it but keep it away from edibles so that any content do not reaches your mouth.

3. Do Lysol wipes kill fungus?

Yes, it can kill fungus. Lizol wipes also kill the fungus which causes athlete’s foot.

4. Is disinfectant harmful to humans?

Yes, disinfect is harmful to humans, of swallowed or came in contact with wounds, also keep it away from children.

5. Is Breathing Lysol dangerous?

No, breathing Lizol is not dangerous but swallow it or taking it inside the nose is dangerous.

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Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Rating ₹ 172

In Summary

Get a nice smelling and clean home with Lizol Floor Cleaner, it will give you sparkling clean home and better hygiene.


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