Khadi Eco Basket Organic Clay Bowl with Lid Review


Product Snapshot

  • A traditional utensil, this is an environment-friendly product. It does not degrade the environment, decomposes quickly and keeps our earth clean.
  • It retains moisture, adds nutrition to the food, spreads heat evenly and empowers the traditional cooking styles that are much healthier and tastier for us.
  • This traditional Indian cookware supports the livelihood of the rural skilled craftsman.
  • It helps the urban population to lead a more sustainable life, whilst adding to their health. Since it is not plastic, it does not leach any harmful chemicals into the food, under high temperature.
  • Clay is alkaline in nature, which helps to balance out the acid in food, maintaining a perfect pH level for our consumption.

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About Khadi Eco Basket Organic Clay Bowl with Lid

The Khadi Eco Basket Organic Clay Bowl with Lid is a part of the eco-friendly traditional utensils series of Khadi, called the Eco Basket. Its tagline “empowering rural India, enhancing urban lifestyle” brings out the true essence of the product. It provides employment to the skilled craftsmen of the rural areas, whilst equipping the urban population to learn and embody the importance of eco-friendly products, through sustainable living. Apart from being light on nature, the clay curd bowl itself has a variety of benefits. It adds on nutrition like phosphorous, iron, magnesium, etc. to the food, helps in circulating moisture and heat uniformly around the vessel, and retain the moisture of the food, making it tastier and juicier. It empowers the healthy traditional cooking styles that have been well-documented over the ages.

Khadi Eco Basket Organic Clay Curd Bowl with Lid in Brown Color

Benefits of Khadi Eco Basket Organic Clay Bowl with Lid

  • It is a biodegradable and environment-friendly product that does not pollute the earth even after disposal.
  • This traditional Indian cookware can be used over the gas stove.
  • It retains moisture of the food, making it fresher and juicier than the modern equipment.
  • It is porous and distributes the moisture and heat evenly throughout the vessel.
  • It adds its nutritional value to the food.

How is it Made

1) Clay


Clay is the main ingredient and its benefits are expansive. It is a porous material which allows the heat to circulate evenly throughout. Although clay is not that good of a conductor of heat, it gives off the perfect temperature to cook food slowly, but in a much healthy way. Clay is also said to add on minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and sulphur to the food, enriching it in the process. Plastics often leach out chemicals like lead onto the food, and metal utensils may react with the acidic nature of the food. But clay does not have any such harmful effects and enhances the traditional cooking. Moreover, it balances out the acidic nature of food and maintains a healthy pH level. In addition to the aforesaid benefits, it is biodegradable in nature, which makes for an excellent eco-friendly alternative to the plastics in our daily living.

Why use this Product

  • Besides understanding the importance of eco-friendly products, it is also important to follow a lifestyle that allows a sustainable living. This environment-friendly product is a small but essential change you can bring about in your everyday cutlery to save the planet. Even after its disposal, it decomposes and adds on to the fertility of the soil, unlike plastic which remains as a pollutant on this earth for decades, and even centuries.
  • The clay itself is an advantageous material for cutlery. It adds minerals to the food and retains moisture. It also is porous which helps in proper and uniform circulation of heat throughout the food in this traditional Indian cookware. It is toxin and chemical free.
  • This product supports the livelihood of local artisans and skilled craftsman from the rural areas, helping them live a better life, with higher income and standards of living. So it is not just protecting the environment, but also our fellow men and women from the remote areas of the country.
  • Utensils made of plastic may leach some harmful chemicals and substances, like lead, into the food under high heat, or the acidic nature of food. Traditional utensils, such as this, on the other hand, are made naturally from clay, and hence, does not make food poisonous

Physical Attributes

  • Texture: Rough and rich in texture.
  • Colour: It is brown in color.


  • This type of traditional Indian cookware is only for those kinds of cooking, where the temperature difference is gradual. Sudden fluctuations in temperature may crack the clay. In addition to this, do not add cold liquid to this cookware, if the utensil is already heated up.
  • For cleaning, use mild soaps only. Liquid detergents may be absorbed by the clay, making further cooking poisonous. Coarsely powdered detergents may lead to scratches on the surface of this traditional utensil.
  • To remove the food stuck on the insides, simply keep the area submerged in water for an hour or so, and clean it off, without any detergent.
  • If you are using a machine dishwasher, do not put any other utensil with this bowl, as it may lead to damage to the clay surface and the bowl.

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Khadi Eco Basket Organic Clay Bowl with Lid Rating ₹ 399

In Summary

Remember the taste of the curd that was set in the clay bowls? Bring back that taste from that childhood by using these clay wares. Adds a tonne of health benefits too.


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