Multani Mitti as Hair Packs (Infographic)

Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) Showcased in wooden spoon on jute bag

Multani mitti has a lot of benefits for both skin and hair.  Even long before the advent of soaps and shampoos, our grandmothers had Multani mitti in their beauty cabinet. There are few easy to make Multani mitti hair packs that can be made at home using natural ingredients such as yogurt, honey, lime, olive oil and egg whites. These hair packs can be used to eliminate all the major hair issues. The infographic below talks about a few of the recipes that will help to leverage properties of Multani mitti for hair growth, dandruff and dry hair. These recipes are easy to make at home and helps in providing great nourishment to the hair.

Multani Mitti as Hair Packs

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Explore all the benefits of Multani Mitti for skin & hair and see how this humble ingredient from the earth can protect and enhance your beauty and health.

Not only hair packs, but you can also make Multani Mitti face packs at home. Go on, find out how.



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