Home Remedies for Oily Skin: Tips and Benefits

Balance Oily Skin

Do you think that your skin is extremely oily sometimes? Do you want to get rid of the extra oiliness in your skin forever? Well, we’ve got you covered. Oily skin can be a result of genetics, lifestyle habits or even your skincare routine. However, just as most things, this can be tackled easily, if one pays a little extra attention to their skin.

Before you start following routines and procedures to keep the oil secretion from your skin under control, it is important to make sure that you indeed belong to the oily skin family. Oily skin will have the following characteristics or problems

  • Uneven texture of skin, which makes the skin appear coarse in some areas.
  • Enlarged pores start to appear on skin and face.
  • Frequent acne breakouts.
  • The skin will appear to be shiny and, in some cases, even greasy as the day progresses.

If you are facing any of the problems mentioned above, then you belong to the oily skin family. However, an elaborate skin care routine will not help you unless you know what is causing your skin to become oily in the first place.

What causes Oily Skin?

1) Genetics

If you have been suffering from oily skin, the chances are that it runs in the family. Sebaceous glands present in the skin are responsible for the excess oil secretion. Larger and more sebaceous glands contribute to oily skin which is a genetic attribute.

2) Hormonal Fluctuation

Another common reason for oily skin is the hormone androgen. This hormone controls the sebum production, making the skin appear oilier if there is an increase in the hormone level. This can occur during pregnancy and before or after your menstrual cycle.

3) Diet

What you eat in a day directly translates to how your skin looks and feels. Consuming oily and junk food on a regular basis may lead to an increase in the sebum production which in turn makes your skin look greasy.

4) Cosmetics

Using poor quality products can cause more damage to your skin than you can realise. If the skin is damaged, it tends to pump out more sebum, making the skin oily. Thus, natural skincare and minimal makeup is the best thing that you can do for your skin.

5) Climatic changes

Your skin reacts to different weather conditions differently. In winters, the skin tends to get dry and sometimes even flaky as it becomes dehydrated. However, during summers, the sebum production is increased which in turn leads to oily skin.

How to control oily skin?

Once you know what exactly is causing your skin to become oily, you can easily combat it. Healthy skin requires time and a conscious effort. Hence, is not an overnight task. If you follow a few simple skin care tips, with time, you will notice a difference in not just the way your skin looks but in the way it feels as well. The best way to do this is to go natural. Chemical-based products might react to your skin in ways that may make matters worse, causing unwanted allergic reactions. Thus, here are some natural steps that you can take to control oily skin

1) Wash your Face Twice a Day

Washing your face with a mild and natural cleanser twice a day will ensure that the excess oil from your skin is removed. This also goes a long way in making sure that your acne breakouts are reduced as well. Preferably, wash your face with cold water as it helps close the pores on your skin and also maintains the pH balance. Washing your face more than twice a day is not recommended. This is because, by doing so, you are stripping the skin of the healthy oils needed by it which, in turn, leads to the skin producing more oil to fight against the dryness. Avoid cleansers that contain oils and waxes as they will make your skin oilier.

2) Healthy Diet

If you practice an elaborate skin care routine but end up eating unhealthy food, you will see no difference in the quality of your skin. Fried foods and foods that have a high content of refined sugar in them degrade the texture and quality of your skin. Instead, substitute your diet with fruits and vegetables. This not only ensures that your skin is getting all the nutrients that it needs but also makes sure that your body is fit and healthy as well. Beauty from the inside is what translates into the beautiful skin.

3) Choosing the Right Makeup

If you want healthy skin, the best step that you can take for a while is to go sans makeup. Let your skin breathe, and it will greatly benefit it. However, if you are someone who must use makeup on a daily basis and cannot go on with your day without makeup, stick to products that you know will work for you. Do not use products that are specified for the dry or normal skin. Instead, invest in products that are specially made for oily skin. Do not use oil-based foundations but instead opt for water-based ones. Ensure that your base products are non-comedogenic which clogs your pores, increasing sebum production and acne breakouts.

4) Moisturize your Skin Every Day

People with oily skin often assume that they do not need to invest in a moisturizer. However, moisturizers soothe your skin and give it that hydration that it needs. Use a lightweight moisturizer that is not oil based. This will not only control the excess oil production but will also help eliminate dead skin cells.

Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Rather than investing in expensive products available in the market which may or may not work for your skin, using simple ingredients lying around your home, you can make DIY skincare that in the long run, will benefit your skin. Some popular DIYs include

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera on white background

For those who want to stay off chemical-based face washes and moisturizers completely, Aloe Vera is the way to go. Aloe Vera not only absorbs excess oil from the skin but also hydrates the skin from within. The antimicrobial properties of Aloe Vera also help in treating acne.

All you have to do is cut an Aloe Vera leaf in half, extract the clear gel and massage it onto your skin. Let it rest for a couple of minutes and then wash it off with water. Repeat every day, once or twice a day and you will see remarkable results.

2. Tomatoes and Sugar

Beauty benefits of tomato and tomato face packs

Combine the pulp of a tomato with a spoonful of sugar. Apply this mixture to this skin and let it rest for 10 minutes or so, then rinse and pat dry. Doing this mask once or twice a week will ensure that the salicylic acid from the tomatoes prevents acne to a great extent. It also helps absorb excess oil produced and unclogs the pores. Sugar, on the other hand, acts as a natural exfoliant and removes the dead skin cells.

3. Honey

Benefits of Raw Honey for Face & Skin

Honey is supposed to have anti-ageing properties that prevent the formation of wrinkles. However, the moisturizing properties of honey make sure that the skin is nourished and hydrated without making it excessively oily. It also cleans the pores, making the skin appear to glow. Applying honey with some lemon juice all over your face like a mask twice a week can do wonders to your skin.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar on wooden table

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great toner and moisturizer in one. The presence of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) makes sure that the skin is hydrated sufficiently but also that the excess sebum production is controlled. The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar also prevent the formation of acne. Mix 13 parts of apple cider vinegar and water. Use this concoction as a toner daily, and you will see positive results within a week or two.

By following these simple tips and tricks, you no longer must worry about your skin becoming too oily to handle!

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