Himalaya Purehands Hand Sanitizer Review

Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

  • All natural product
  • Alcohol-based
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Comes in 4 variant
  • The shelf life of 2 years

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About Himalaya PureHands Hands Sanitizer

Every time when we need to have clean and hands, we look up for soap and water. Most of the times it is available there for cleaning our hands but we don’t get them all the time, for eg while traveling or while working on a desk in an office, at such times, we don’t get water and soap for cleaning our hands, and because of that we get a little hesitant in eating something, so, what is the possible solutions of this problem? We need to clean our hands but don’t want to have to go near water or we don’t have that. At such time, sanitizer comes for help. A sanitizer is extremely helpful and comes handy at such times. Himalaya has come up with its new hand sanitizer for this in 4 variant, Green Apple, Strawberry, Orange, and Litchi. All of them have a tangling smell. The beauty of Himalaya PureHands Hands Sanitizer is that they are even used and recommend by doctors, that means they are very safe. Himalaya PureHands Hands Sanitizer kills 99.99% germs and also makes your hands very soft. It is non-greasy, pocket-friendly and safe, so, whenever you feel like washing hands use Himalaya PureHands Hands Sanitizer.

About Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

Benefits of Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

  • Kills germs
  • Very safe
  • Non-greasy
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Good for traveling
  • All natural ingredients
  • Alcohol-based
  • No need to use soap or water after using it
  • Makes hands soft
  • Excellent fragrance

Key ingredients of Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

1. Neem


Neem is a natural cleanser, it kills all bacterias and is used as a mosquito repellent also. It is used to keep clothes fresh when they are kept in almirah for a long time. Neem is used in medicines as well

2. Ushira

Ushira or khus is an insect repellent, it keeps away lice as well. It is used in hair-care and aromatherapy also because of its properties of relieving stress.

3. Coriander


Coriander is rich in beta-caroten, vitamin C and folates which clean skin deeply also they nourish the skin well.

4. Hrivera

Hrivera is a medicinal plant which is used in handmade fans because of its cooling and soothing nature. It is used for treating skin allergies and many other diseases.

5. Lemon


Lemon is enriched with Vitamin C, this vitamin is vital for skin health. Lemon extracts cleaned skin thoroughly and control sebum. Lemon fruit extract makes skin glowing as well.

How to use Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

  • Take few drops in your hands
  • Rub it thoroughly on the back and palm
  • Let it dry
  • Use as often as you feel

Who is it for

  • Age-Suitable for all
  • Skin- suits all skin types
  • Gender- Can be used by all
  • Concern- Handwash, hygiene

Physical Attributes

  • Texture- Light gel
  • Smell- Pleasent smell
  • Colour- Pink, Green, Orange, Amber, transparent, depending on the flavour


The product comes in a bottle of plastic which is transparent. It is a small bottle with a flip-top cover which tightly seals the product making it spill-proof. It is lightweight, easy to carry and travel-friendly.

Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer Side Effects

  • Do not swallow
  • Wash hands if they are visibly dirty instead of using a hand wash

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1. Is hand sanitizer as effective as hand washing?

Hand sanitizer has a composition that is very much active, as they don’t get the rubbing like soap and also they don’t get water, so for this, they are made very potent making them very effective as washing your hands.

2. What do you do with hand sanitizer?

With a hand sanitizer, you clean your hands, you rub them on your palm and then you get clean hands.

3. Is using too much hand sanitizer bad?

Using too much hand sanitizer is not a bad thing but avoiding actually washing your hands is risky as with hand sanitizer, the germs get killed but they don’t get away from your hands, by washing you also drain them, making your hands super clean. So, using much hand sanitizer is not bad but avoiding washing hands is bad.

4. Does hand sanitizer kill fungus?

Hand sanitizers are very potent, they kill all kinds of germs and bacterias on your skin. However, the fungus that is present on the skin is also killed by a hand sanitizer but not any other kind of fungus is killed by them.

5. Is it bad to sniff hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers have a really good smell, the smell is attractive, so it is natural to feel like sniffing, it is not bad to sniff hand sanitizer as the smell is not a potent smell. Swallowing hand sanitizer is bad.

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Himalaya Purehands Hand Sanitizer Rating ₹ 300

In Summary

Get squeaky clean hands with Himalaya PureHands Hands Sanitizer anywhere you want. Leave water and soap and get a water-free way of cleaning hands.


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