Garnier Color Naturals Shade 3 Darkest Brown Review

Garnish Colour Natural

  • Easy to use
  • Non-permanent colour
  • Comes with conditioner
  • Covers grey hairs and non-grey hairs both
  • Non-drip formula

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About Garnier Colour Naturals

Garnier Colour Naturals has a range of suitable shades for colouring the hair – each of them beautiful. It has a non-drip formula which makes the use easy with no mess, it has an enriching conditioner, which not only enhances the colour but nourishes the hairs as well. It comes with gloves as well, making it a complete package for a great colouring experience. Garnier Colour Naturals has natural shades, so it doesn’t look odd and goes well with your natural shade of colour. It doesn’t cause any irritation on the scalp or hair fall. Garnier Colour Naturals is hair-friendly dye and will provide you with beautiful natural shade.

Benefits of Garnish Colour Natural

  • Covers grey and non-grey hairs in the same way
  • Comes in various shades
  • Colour lasts till 5-6 weeks when shampooed alternative days
  • Non-drip formula
  • Easy to use
  • Does not cause any irritation
  • Comes with gloves
  • Conditioner is enriching

Key ingredients of Garnish Colour Natural

1. Olive


Olive Oil is known for its health benefits, it makes hairs and skin both healthy. Olive Oil is a carrier oil, it can be used alone as well as by mixing with other oils as well. Extra Virgin denotes cold pressed oil.

2. Almond

Almond oil

Almond oil is another great ingredient for hair, it is very lightweight and carries vitamin E which makes hairs healthy and also makes the scalp healthy.

3. Coconut


Coconut is good for healing skin, this healing, in turn, makes hair strong, also this oil has the potential to boost hair growth. It also prevents hair from frizziness.

How to use Garnish Colour Naturals  

  • Open the packet, empty the colour powder in a bowl
  • Add developer
  • Mix the colour and the developer to make a smooth paste
  • Mix thoroughly to remove any lumps
  • Apply directly on your hair
  • Leave for half an hour
  • Rinse with water  
  • Condition hair with Conditioner
  • Keep it for a few minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly

Who is it for

  • Hair type- Suitable for all kinds of hair
  • Age- Teenage to adults, not for children
  • Gender- Suitable for all genders
  • Concern- Colouring hair

Physical Attribute

  • Texture- Powder in form
  • Smell- Smell of chemicals
  • Colour- black


The product comes in a carton packaging with conditioner, gloves and developer, the packaging is simple with nothing fancy in it.  

Garnish Colour Natural Side Effects

  • Do a patch test before applying it completely
  • Check ingredients for possible allergies

About Garnier

Garnier logo

Garnier is a mass market cosmetic brand owned by Loreal, the brand established in 1904 is known for its quality products in hair-care and skin-care range. It’s a luxury brand in Asia and has maintained high ranks in most trusted brands in India.

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1. Is Garnier Color Naturals permanent?

No, Garnier Colour Naturals is not a permanent hair colour, it is a temporary one, which goes after 5-6 weeks if you wash your hair every alternate day.

2. Is Garnier Color Naturals ammonia free?

Yes, Garnier Colour Naturals is ammonia free, Garnier believes that natural oils can do so much for your hair that other chemicals need not be added.

3. Does Garnier hair dye wash out?

Yes, Garnier hair dye washes out, it is not a permanent hair colour and goes after a few weeks.

4. Which hair dye has no ammonia?

There are many dyes present which are Ammonia free, the two leading brands offering Ammonia free dyes are L’ORÉAL and Garnier

5. What is the best colour to cover grey hair?

To cover your grey hair, use the colour which is your natural hair colour. The best hair colour is Garnier, it offers a wide range of hair colours which are Ammonia free and also nourish hair.

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In Summary

Colour your hair with Garnish Colour Natural, get gorgeous and soft hairs with beautiful color shades.


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