Exo Round Dish Shine Review

Exo Round Dish Shine

  • Comes in a container
  • Cyclozon formula
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easily available

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About Exo Round Dish Shine

Having a squeaky clean kitchen is desired by all, but washing dishes is not desired by all, it is cumbersome and the stains just don’t go but do not worry, Exo Round Dish Shine is here for making your work easy, it has Cyclozon which cleans even the toughest of the stains in one go, Exo Round Dish Shine also has this unique packaging where it comes in a round packaging which ensures that there is no wastage of soap due to drainage with water while washing, so it is an excellent choice which is economical and effective both at the same time.

About Exo Round Dish Shine

Benefits of Exo Round Dish Shine

  • Effectively cleans dishes
  • Comes with a container
  • Cyclozon formula is excellent for cleaning dishes
  • Zero wastage
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easily available

How to Use Exo Round Dish Shine

  • Apply on scrubber
  • Use as your regular dishwashing soap

Who is it for

  • Concern- Cleaning utensils
  • Utensils-Suits all utensils

Physical Attributes

  • Colour- Sea green
  • Smell- No smell
  • Texture- Soap bar


The product comes in a round container, this round container ensures that there is zero wastage. The product is lightweight and easy to use. It is travel-friendly as well.

Side effects of Exo Round Dish Shine

  • Dont use near wounds
  • Don’t swallow

About Exo

Exo is a product by Jyoti Laboratories, it offers very useful and effective products for day to day life. Ujala is also a product from Jyothi Laboratories.

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1.What is a soap bar?

A soap bar is a solid formulation which dissolves in water and cleans utensils.

2. Can germs live on a bar of soap?

Yes, germs can live on bar of a soap, if there is water on the soap, so always drain water from the soap after using it, never leave water with soap, also donot keep decaying material near soap, it also promotes germ growth on soap.

3. Is soap good for your skin?

Yes, soap is good for your skin but not every soap is good for skin, soaps with fillers or parabens are not at all good for your skin.

4. Does bar soap kill bacteria?

Yes, bar soap kill bacterias, they have potent ingredients that can kill bacterias.

5. Are bars of soap sanitary?

Yes, soap bars are for a sanitary purpose, they are for cleaning purpose and for the kind of cleaning like, if one wants to wash clothes or has to clean utensils then there are different kind of soaps for every need.

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Exo Round Dish Shine Rating ₹ 63

In Summary

Get cleaner utensils with Exo Round Dish Shine, it’s Cyclozon formula will clean your utensils in one go.


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