Effective Homemade Henna Hair Packs (Infographic)


Henna has been the go-to ingredient for Indian women throughout the ages for their hair health and for taking care of their hair troubles. The powdered leaves of the henna plant have hair colouring and strengthening properties that make it a popular natural alternative to chemical treatments.

Hair packs are useful as they provide intensive treatment, while only require you to apply them once a month. Henna is good for promoting hair growth, for conditioning dry and frizzy hair, for removing dandruff, balancing an oily scalp and for nourishing brittle or damaged hair. Whatever your hair concern, you can use a henna pack to address it. Mixing henna with other natural ingredients beneficial to hair will give you amazing locks in no time. The following infographic will guide you on how to mix henna for hair depending on your hair concern. It will also give tips regarding how to apply henna on hair for the best treatment.

Effective Homemade Henna Hair Packs

Explore further about all the ways henna benefits hair – including its use for hair growth and as a hair dye. Curd is another easily available ingredient which can used to make easy and effective recipes and masks for hair. So check out the top benefits of curd for hair too.



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