Dote Twine Natural Jute Multipurpose Bag with Cotton Webbed Handles Review


Product Snapshot

  • Biodegradable bag, made with premium quality jute.
  • An environment-friendly product with multipurpose usage.
  • Durable, lightweight and convenient to hold.
  • Large, spacious and good for everyday shopping.
  • Safe on the skin and a suitable substitute for plastic bags.

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About Dote Twine Natural Jute Multipurpose Bag with Cotton Webbed Handles

The Dote Twine Premium Natural Jute Burlap Multipurpose Grocery Bag is a perfect addition to your everyday lifestyle and an initiative to support the plastic-free green planet. This storage bag is crafted with 100% organic jute fibre with convenient cotton handles so that it can be effortlessly carried over the shoulder as well. The fabric and the design add a touch of modern ethnicity to the product and is very useful and spacious to carry various grocery items.

Benefits of Dote Twine Natural Jute Multipurpose Bag with Cotton Webbed Handles

  • Substituting your typical plastic bags with biodegradable jute bags is one step closer to green living and protecting our environment by reducing the burden of non-biodegradable plastic from our planet.
  • The sturdy jute bag is free from harmful chemicals and composed of natural fibres. Hence, rest assured that these bags with last for a long time.
  • The product is easy to carry, spacious, strong, durable, reusable and will get decomposed in nature instead of polluting the environment.
  • The eco-friendly bag is added with soft cotton wedded handles for better accessibility. It can be used as a storage bag as well.

How is it Made

1) Jute


Jute, a vegetable fibre, is considered one of the cheapest natural fibres and the most widely used after cotton. Jute is attained from trees that occur mostly in hot, humid areas like Bangladesh, China, and India. Jute fibres can be spun into strong threads and is more durable than inferior quality plastic. It has a very low CO2 footprint, ecological footprint, and water footprint. The best part is that jute is biodegradable and 100% compostable, meaning it won’t contaminate the environment and will naturally decompose in nature. Jute is natural and won’t trigger skin allergies. A wide range of jute products is available in the market that is convenient, eco-friendly, stylish and trendy.

Why use this Product

  • The importance of eco-friendly products lies in the fact that it 100% biodegradable and non-toxic to nature. Unlike plastic bags, this product is organic and toxin free. It is also reusable and hence, avoids the need of buying a new bag each time you go grocery shopping.
  • The eco-stylish biodegradable bags encourage the reduction of plastic bags from our planet and act as an excellent first step in living a more sustainable lifestyle. From carrying packed products to edible raw items, this bag is safe to use and won’t contaminate anything. As for your skin, using this bag even on a daily basis will not lead to any reaction.
  • Both plastic bags and paper bags have direct or indirect negative effects on the environment. On the other hand, using jute bags means using a durable and biodegradable product. Additionally, the Dote Twine Premium Natural Jute Burlap Multipurpose Grocery Bag is fabricated to carry about 12 kg of weight.

Physical Attributes

  • Size: 12″W x 17″H.
  • Capacity: It has a capacity of approximately 12 kg.
  • Colour: It has a natural off-white cotton colour.


  • The jute bag is non-washable.
  • Do not use or carry damp or wet products as the threads might lose its strength.
  • In order to avoid bacteria, use disinfectants or place under sunlight.
  • Avoid direct contact with fire.

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Dote Twine Natural Jute Multipurpose Bag with Cotton Webbed Handles Rating ₹ 1149

In Summary

This is a multipurpose biodegradable bag by Dote Twine Natural prepared with premium quality jute. It is durable, lightweight bag with a convenient hold. Say bye bye to plastics and carry this when you go shopping for groceries next.


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