DIY Honey Masks for Skin (Infographic)

honey mask for skin

Honey is greatly beneficial for skin, with its ability to improve skin texture, protect skin from signs of ageing and damage, and even reduce acne and excess oil. This wonderful ingredient can be used together with other natural ingredients to make effective masks for your skin. In particular, honey pairs well with yoghurt, lemon juice and olive oil to provide exfoliation and brightening effects.

Using honey for oily skin can unclog pores and reduce excess oil. A mix of honey and cinnamon is particularly effective for this. Other uses of honey for skin include brightening and fading pigmentation, as honey has natural bleaching properties. When mixed with tomato or lemon juice, honey can help to remove tan and fade away scars, while revealing radiant skin. The infographic below has several DIY honey mask recipes for various skin concerns.

DIY Honey Masks for Skin

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