DIY for Curd/Yoghurt for Hair (Infographic)

curd for hair

Curd or yoghurt is full of protein, lactic acid and essential nutrients that can do wonders for your hair. Curd can improve the appearance of dull and damaged hair, it can eliminate dandruff and an oily scalp, and it can promote hair growth while fighting hair loss. As good as curd is for your diet, so it is for your hair. There are many curd packs you can try at home to deeply condition and treat your hair. Why use products with harsh chemicals when nature has so many safe alternatives? The curd is one of these, benefitting nearly all hair types.

Curd for hair growth is particularly effective, as its protein content provides nourishment for the hair roots and follicles, promoting healthy growth. Curd also cleanses the scalp of any build up and dead cells, which further promotes hair growth. Its antifungal properties make using curd for dandruff very effective. The infographic below shows you how to make your own curd hair packs for dandruff, hair growth and more.

DIY with Curd for Hair

Read further about all the amazing benefits of curd for hair. If you’re suffering from the problem of dry and rough hair, do go through this list of the best natural remedies for dry & rough hair. Use the powers of nature to keep your hair healthy and looking great!



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