Craftaman India Terracotta Clay Pots Review


Product Snapshot

  • A part of our traditional utensils, clay pots add-on nutritional value to food.
  • They are an environment-friendly product that does not pollute the land and water, but rather add on to their fertility and richness upon disposal.
  • The making of the Craftaman India Online Terracotta Clay Pots supports the livelihood of over 200 skilled craftsmen around the country.
  • It is 100% natural and forms a part of traditional cooking.
  • Heat is conducted evenly throughout the food evenly in this cookware, and it helps retain moisture.

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About Craftaman India Terracotta Clay Pots

The Craftaman India Online Terracotta Clay Pots is an environment-friendly product that not only does away with harmful plastics in our daily cookware but also adds its own healthy minerals to the food. It insulates the entire food, for evenly cooking the food. Clay requires much less oil and does not leach dangerous chemicals like lead onto the food at high temperature. Although it is not a good conductor of heat, it maintains a temperature where the food gets cooked easily. Apart from being a biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic and metal cookware, this initiative also supports the skilled craftsman from around the country by providing them with a livelihood.

Benefits of Craftaman India Terracotta Clay Pots

  • Clay pots are known to add extra nutritional value to the food, during the process of cooking. It adds to calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, sulfur and so on.
  • Clay is alkaline, and interacts with the acid in the food, to maintain the perfect pH balance that is healthy for you.
  • It conducts only that amount of heat, that is good for cooking food, making this traditional Indian cookware an attractive option for our daily use.
  • Clay pots allow the circulation of heat around the vessel through its pores, heating the food being cooked evenly.
  • Clay used in traditional utensils help to trap moisture, making food juicier and tastier.

How is it Made

1) Clay


The environment-friendly product is made of clay which adds on its nutrients like phosphorous, magnesium, iron and so on. It neutralizes the acidity in food, and maintains the pH balance of food, helping in its proper digestion. Modern crockery is laced with a surface of the lead, which when used at high temperatures, get leeched onto the food, making the food poisonous to some extent. Continued use may result in health hazards. Thus, clay served as a healthier and safer alternative as a material for the product. Moreover, it insulates the entire vessel, heating the food evenly, and also requires less oil for its preparations. That is why most traditional cooking is low in fat content.

Why use this Product

  • Clay pots were a part and parcel of our traditional cooking. It enriches the flavour of the food, along with blending on some of its nutrients to the food. Thus, you are not just using tried and tested, traditional Indian cookware, but also taking care of the health of your family.
  • The importance of eco-friendly products is well-known, especially in the current context. A clay pot is an excellent environment-friendly product, that takes care of the environment upon its disposal. Unlike plastic which remains on the land and water, polluting it for years, the Craftaman India Online Terracotta Clay Pots, upon disposal, decomposes and adds on to the fertility of the land.
  • This initiative supports over 200 craftsmen from all over the country, providing them with a source of livelihood, along with creating sustainable ways of living for us. So, we are essentially supporting life both in terms of short-term livelihood, and long-term protection.
  • Traditional cooking and traditional Indian cookware – being both safe on the environment, and good for health – must be preserved through our efforts, to carry forward our culture, and the scientifically proven values that were inherent to our philosophy of life.

Physical Attributes

  • Texture: Rough and rich textured.
  • Colour: It is black in colour.


  • Craftaman India Terracotta Clay Pots must only be used when the heat rise is gradual, as sudden rise or fall in temperature may lead to cracking of the clay.
  • If the pot is already heated, do not add cold liquid to it. It will suddenly lower the temperature, leading to cracks.
  • For cleaning by hand, do not use powdered cleaners for this traditional utensil. Only mild soap is recommended.
  • Using liquid dishwashing soap may lead the clay to absorb it. This will make cooking in that vessel dangerous as it may make the food contaminated.

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Craftaman India Terracotta Clay Pots Rating ₹ 750

In Summary

This is a eco-friendly clay pot by Craftaman which not only enhances the taste of the food but also adds healthy minerals to food.


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