Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt Review

Colgate active salt tooth paste

Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt

  • 100% Vegan
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easily available
  • Active Salt formula
  • Mint flavor

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About Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt

For safe and sound condition of our teeth, we do alot of things, we avoid eating food which is either of very high temperature or very low temperature. We regularly use floss, use different kinds of toothpastes or toothbrushes. One thing, that is being used by us since times ages, is salt, salt is related to everything that needs to be cleaned, we use it in cleaning our homes as well. Salt is a cleaning agent, it is a strong agent and kills bacteria and germs which come in it’s affinity. Salt has been recommended by dentists also for getting better oral health, cleaning teeth with salt relives a person from tooth-ache, the decay of tooth and other problems. The same salt is now coming with the added benefits of Colgate as Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt, it has salt in it which is instrumental in maintaining oral health. Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt has not only salt but it’s active salt, that means as soon as you use it, it works, killing all germs and bacteria from the very first use. Menthol is also present in th toothpaste which makes it cool, Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt is a good toothpaste with the goodness of salt and is a nice choice.

About colgate active salt tooth paste

Benefits of Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt

  • Fights Germs
  • Gives a fresh feel
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easily available
  • Travel-friendly

Key ingredients of Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt

Calcium Carbonate, Silica, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Xanthan Gum, Pigment Blue (CI 74160), Sorbitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Saccharin, Benzyl Alcohol, Flavor, In Aqueous Base, CI 77492

1. Salt


Salt is used for cleaning and preserving. It has chloride which is used in cleaning water and some other stuff making it a good cleaning agent. Salt is a naturally occurring chemical compound so it does not have any side effect as well. Salt along with oil, neem and lime are used for a long time for making toothpaste at home.

How to Use Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt

  • Apply toothpaste on your Toothbrush
  • Use as your regular toothpaste
  • Brush twice a day to get better results

Who is it for

  • Age- teenagers to adults
  • Teeth- Suitable for all, sensitive teeth need to be taken care of

Physical Attributes

  • Texture- Gel
  • Colour- White
  • Smell- No smell


The product comes in a cartan and inside it is present a plastic tube with a screw cap. The tube is in red in colour with a cap of red colour. The product is easy to use, light-weight and travel-friendly

Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt Side Effects

  • Check ingredients for possible allergies
  • Make sure that children don’t swallow the toothpaste
  • Use twice a day for better results

About Colgate

Colgate logo

Colgate is an oral health care brand established in 1873, it is owned by Colgate Palmolive. Colgate was the first firm to offer toothpaste in collapsible tubes.

FAQ’s :

1. Can salt be used as toothpaste?

Salt is an active cleaning agent, it is used for preservation purposes as well. Salt is being used since time ages for cleaning teeth, combined with oil, salt was used as an indigenous toothpaste. It is very safe and beneficial for teeth. So salt in toothpaste is good to use and can be used like inColgate Toothpaste Active Salt.

2. Is Salt Toothpaste good for teeth?

Salt naturally contains compounds which are good for teeth health. Salt has been recommended by dentists for getting relief from toothache and decay, so salt toothpaste is very good for teeth.

3. Does salt kill mouth bacteria?

Salt is used as a preserving  agent. It has properties which make sure that no bacteria get to grow and of there are any then they are killed, so salt has the ability to kill bacterias.

4. How can I make my yellow teeth whiter naturally?

Yellow teeth are caused by discoloration of enamel of teeth, it is a common problem and can be solved easily. For having white teeths, use salt with lime or even better use Colgate lime toothpaste, avoid excess usage of coffee or tea as they stain teeth, after having any such item  which can cause pigmentation on teeth, rinse you mouth. Use Colgate whitening toothpaste for having sparkling white teeth.

5. Do whitening toothpaste work?

Whitening toothpaste has flouride, which is present naturally on the enamel of our teeth, thus flouride, when gets discolored or faces any wear and tear then white teeth, tend to lose colour. Flouride present in whitening toothpaste restores this flouride and work to make teeth shiny and white.

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Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt Rating ₹ 127

In Summary

Use the goodness of Active Salt to get a healthy mouth with Colgate Toothpaste Active Salt, the menthol and salt in this toothpaste will make your mouth healthy and fresh.


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