Bentodent Natural Toothpaste Review


Product Snapshot

  • A toxin-free toothpaste that cleans teeth and leads to healthy gums and fresh breath.
  • Sodium Laurel sulfate and fluoride free. Does not contain any artificial colour or flavour.
  • Its use of natural ingredients makes it safe for kids.
  • Gives you healthy teeth, and does not harm the environment when disposed off.
  • Does not foam, but is effective in cleansing, and keeping off bacteria.

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About Bentodent Natural Toothpaste

Bentodent Natural Toothpaste is India’s first natural toothpaste by the Indian Dental Organisation that cleans teeth naturally, without the use of the harmful chemicals. It is glycerin free, fluoride free along with no artificial colours, making it safe for kids. Along with giving you healthy gums, it also leads to fresh breath owing to its use of essential oil. Hence, it cleans your teeth, without any long-term side effects, and gradually whitens your teeth too.


Benefits of Bentodent Natural Toothpaste

  • It is gentle and safe. It does not contain any harmful artificial ingredients that can cause harm to your teeth. Thus, using this will effectively lead to healthy teeth, without having to worry about the long-term adverse effects.
  • Use of essential oil renders it with a fresh minty flavour, derived all naturally. Thus, it not only cleans teeth but also gives you fresh breath, just like any other conventional store-bought toothpaste that contains harsh chemicals.
  • Free from sodium lauryl sulfate, it does not cause any reactions (such as mouth inflammation, allergies, and irritation), which other non-natural toothpaste might.
  • It is safe for kids. Children often swallow their toothpaste (that contains the dangerous fluoride), which negatively impacts their health. Because this toothpaste contains all natural ingredients, accidentally ingesting it won’t lead to any harm to your children’s health.
  • A toxic free path to healthy gums.

Key Ingredients

1) Calcium Bentonite Clay


This ingredient absorbs the toxins in your body and cleans teeth effectively. Used around the world for various skin cleansing purposes, its use in the toothpaste is to fight off bacteria, leading to healthy gums.

2) Menthol


Apart from enhancing fresh breath, menthol has anti-inflammatory properties which help fight of any swelling or inflammations in the gums. It also contains pain-relieving quality, because it can act as an anaesthetic, numbing the pain in the teeth and gums.

3) Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties as well, leading to healthy gums. In addition, it contains antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that ensure that your overall oral hygiene is effectively maintained.

Why Use this Toothpaste

  • Free from Fluoride: Fluoride is helpful in building stronger teeth in small quantities. But when it is consumed or used in excess or for a prolonged period of time, it actually erodes away the minerals from the teeth and weakens them.
  • Free from Glycerin: is mostly safe, but you will have to rinse your mouth at least 20 times to remove it properly. If not removed completely, it forms a barrier around the tooth which prevents the helpful minerals from reaching it. Some types of glycerin are also animal-based.
  • Most toothpaste contains harmful chemicals. When you brush your teeth and rinse with water, this water through pipes, need to be disposed of somewhere. This somewhere is usually the water bodies. With a huge amount of these chemicals (with all the people brushing every day at least once) going into the water bodies, it almost irreversibly damages the quality of the water, as well as negatively harms the aquatic animals and plants. Many of them die when exposed to such harsh substances. Using Bentodent Natural Toothpaste – which is toxin free – thus, protects the animals and plants in the water bodies.
  • Bentodent Natural Toothpaste is free from all the above chemicals and is made from natural clay that achieves the same results of healthy teeth and gums, and fresh breath, along with being safe for kids.

Physical Attributes

  • Flavour: It has a fresh and minty flavour.
  • Colour: It is brown in colour.
  • Concern: Bad Breath, Cavities, Gum Problems.


It is packaged in a brown opaque tube, with the benefits are written clearly on the package. The white screw cap ensures there is no spillage. The cover is made of paper which can be recycled.


  • Store it in a cool and dry space.
  • Do not let your children ingest it in large quantities (some amount of ingestion while brushing the teeth is perfectly safe).

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Bentodent Natural Toothpaste Rating ₹ 170

In Summary

Bentodent Natural is said to be India’s first natural toothpaste which consists of glycerin free, fluoride free ingredients. It contains no harmful chemicals and keeps your teeth clean and safe.


  1. Sounds like a great product, but why have a cover at all? when all it needs to do is travel the whole circle to eventually be recycled. Why can’t we make it without the cover, I’m sure it will be as accepted or maybe even more.
    Hoping to see this wonderful product without the cover.
    Please do pass the word to the manufacturers.


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