Benefits of Honey for Natural Hair Growth (Infographic)

honey for hair

As good as honey is for your health, it is also a wonder for your hair. Honey is particularly well known for its conditioning properties, and for promoting hair growth. Its emollient, antibacterial and antioxidant properties are all miraculous for treating various hair concerns, as well as making it a great natural treatment for hair. There are various honey masks that you can make at home to give your scalp and tresses a boost.

Two key benefits of honey on hair are its ability to help hair growth and to deeply condition hair. As an emollient, honey seals in moisture, keeping each strand moisturized and giving it a shiny look. This strengthens hair and prevents breakage, leading to less hair fall. The antioxidant properties of honey also prevent hair from damage, keeping it healthy, while honey’s antibacterial nature soothes your scalp and prevents infections and dandruff, which can also hinder hair growth. For more information on using honey for hair, see the infographic below.

Benefits of Honey for Natural Hair Growth

Also, dive deep into the recipes which can be used for hair growth using honey. If your hair is dry and rough, read up on these natural solutions which remedy dry hair.



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