Benefits of Curd for Hair (Infographic)


Not only is curd or yogurt good for health, but it is good for your hair as well! Full of protein, lactic acid and Vitamin E, using curd for hair can improve its overall appearance, as well as treat various hair problems, from irritated scalps to dandruff, to frizzy locks. Its ability to strengthen hair also makes it effective at preventing hair loss.

The lactic acid in curd is beneficial for dull and damaged hair. Curd also has anti-fungal properties that can effectively treat dandruff. It unclogs hair follicles of excess oil and dirt, thereby soothing the scalp as well as promoting healthy hair growth. The nutrients in curd also help to soften your hair and tame frizz. Using a curd hair pack regularly is, therefore, a great natural way to keep your tresses and scalp healthy and happy. See the infographic below for further curd benefits for hair.

Benefits of Curd for Hair

Take a deep-dive into the benefits of curd for hair and its best recipes. One of the common issues of hair health is split ends. Read here to know how to get rid of split ends naturally.



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