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Loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, avocados are a constant raving subject among nutritionists across the world. Monounsaturated fats like oleic and linoleic acids, A, B, C and E Vitamins, potassium, calcium and phosphorous to name a few, contribute to the cauldron of health benefits of avocado. This green wonder-fruit not only helps you gain nutrients but also works well for quality skin care too! It helps moisturise your skin and reduce angry pimples and acne. Avocado also works miracles by preventing skin ageing and sun tanning.

Nutritional Properties of Avocado

There is a reason why avocados are considered to be the most nutritious fruit. Let’s take a look at why dieticians around the world vouched for avocados, blindfolded!


Avocados are highly rich in antioxidants like the water-soluble Vitamin C and fat-soluble      Vitamin E. They bring highly valuable healing properties to the table.

Vitamin C

Avocados contain rich amount of Vitamin C which is water soluble and a must in the daily dietary intake. At a cellular level, it is the creation of collagen and elastin, which helps        ‘glue’ together skin cells, thus keeps the skin firm and sturdy.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another component that is found in abundance in Avocados. Being fat soluble, it prevents skin damage and is believed to particularly help reduce skin wrinkles and stall ageing shown via physical features.

Fatty Acid

Oleic Acid is one of the primary acids found in avocados and its benefits for skin are innumerable. This omega 9 fatty acid helps retain the right amount of moisture in the skin, making it soft and supple. It also helps in reducing redness, pimples and irritation on the skin.


Avocados are known to have good levels of carotenoids, which have been reported to increase skin density and even the skin tone.

Avocado Benefits for Skin

Rich, creamy and flavourful, avocados are very versatile fruits that add health benefits when included in food. Whether ingesting it or physical application, avocados have the potential to be amazing and highly beneficial for our skin. Here are a few ways avocados can help you get a flawless skin!

1. Moisturise Skin

The healthy fats found in avocados are highly efficient in moisturizing and nourishing your skin. Avocado flesh consists of 63% Oleic Acid, which is considered to be a good moisturising agent.


  • Ripe Avocados
  • Lemon Juice
  • Egg white

Preparation and Use

Mash the ripe avocados and add a little bit of lemon juice and egg white to this mix. Apply this mix pack on your face and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes before you wash it off. Being rich with astringent qualities, this mix can help tighten pores and retain moisture in the skin, thus softening the skin. You can follow this procedure on a bi-weekly basis!

2. Remove Wrinkles

Remove-WrinklesAgeing can bring about a lot of bodily changes including wrinkling of your skin. Avocado is known to be a good of turning the clock backwards! The vitamin C and E in avocados help fight skin damage while collagen and elastin proteins help maintain structure and elasticity of your skin. Lastly, the oleic acid found in avocados are known to reach the second layer of the skin and work on maintaining the right amount of moisture.


  • Avocado
  • Avocado Oil

Preparation and Use

Have at least half an avocado on a daily basis and apply avocado oil to your skin on a daily basis to see amazing long-term improvements in your skin tone.

3. Protect Skin from the Sun

At the rate of global warming around us, it is advisable to protect your skin at all times when you go out in the sun. When your skin is exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays, it may undergo inflammation or even worse cause DNA damage, resulting in a severe case of sunburn. Applying Avocado oil or pulp will help immensely with the DNA repairing due to the fact that it is an amazing antioxidant.


  • Avocado pulp or extra virgin avocado oil

Preparation and Use

You need to keep in mind that avocado oil can’t act as a sunscreen. Wear a good quality sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun. Once you come back home, you can apply avocado pulp or oil that can help in fighting any sort of skin damage due to excess UV radiation.

4. Reduce Inflammation

Avocados are a great source of healthy unsaturated fats and anti-oxidants. The guacamole that you love has rich anti-inflammatory properties!


  • Avocados slices

Preparation and Use

Slip in a few slices of avocado into your hamburger or sandwich to help greatly with keeping inflammation under control. Another option is to add a few chunks in your salad or make an avocado smoothie!

5. Remove Sun Tan

Remove-Sun-TanAvocados may be your ultimate key in getting rid of your suntan. It contains an antioxidant called glutathione which is effective in lowering melanin, the skin component that is responsible for tanning of your skin.


  • Avocado paste
  • Avocado chunks

Preparation and Use

Both ingestion and the topical application will be useful in this case. So, you can apply creamy avocado on your skin to get rid of the tan, or also eat it in your salad.

6. Treat Acne

Are you tired of getting greeted by awful acne every time you look into the mirror? Worry not anymore, for avocado saves the day! Avocado is said to have linoleic acid, which works its way to the sebaceous glands on the skin, thus preventing acne and excess oil collection on the face.


  • Avocado oil

Preparation and Use

Take a few drops of avocado oil and gently massage it onto the acne affected areas on your skin. Follow this routinely on a weekly basis until you see the desired results.

7. Remove Blemishes

Now that we’ve dealt with treating acne and fighting acne-causing bacteria, we need to take care of the aftermath- blemishes. Blemishes and scars left behind by acne can look like a sore spot on the otherwise clear skin.


  • Avocado
  • Raw nuts
  • Olives

Preparation and Use

Eat an avocado a day to keep the blemishes away! Team it up with snacking on raw nuts and olives to see miraculous results in just a few weeks.

8. Heal Wounds

Avocados are such miracle fruits, it also helps heal small wounds and bruises. Avocados contain many nutrients that are beneficial in wound healing process. Vitamin K that helps in clotting the blood, Vitamin B6 that provides antibodies to prevent wound infection and Vitamin C that helps regenerate skin cells.


  • Avocado

Preparation and Use

Researches show that consuming avocados post a fall causing an open wound will increase the rate of healing profoundly. This is because the fruit helps quicken the generation of skin cells.

9. Glowing Skin

Packed with phytonutrients and Vitamin E, Avocados assist you in your skin care regimen and give you a flawless skin while adding a glow to it. Here is the avocado pulp mask for a soft skin and an even skin tone.


  • Avocado Pulp
  • Yogurt or sour cream

Preparation and Use

Make a paste out of the avocado pulp after removing the seed. Add a bit of yogurt or sour cream to this paste. Apply on your face and neck. Let it stay for about 10 to 15 minutes. Gently rinse it off with water, and pat your face dry.

Side Effect of Avocado

This green superfood has immense and effective properties to the skin on both ingestion and tropic application. It contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals that are very useful to cure various problems and infections. But, there are a few side effects of avocados too.


Sometimes, avocados cause irritation and allergies on the skin. In such cases, stop the application at once and consult a doctor.

Avoid During Pregnancy

It is advisable to avoid avocados altogether during pregnancy and the breastfeeding phase. It may reduce milk production. There’s also a chance of it affecting the mammary gland. Additionally, excess intake of avocados by a breastfeeding mother might lead to the baby having an upset stomach.


People suffering from hypersensitivity must avoid avocados as it might lead to vomiting or skin reaction due to allergies.

Liver Damage

One of the serious side effects caused due to the intake of avocados is damaging liver health. It is even worse if you are already suffering from compromised liver health. Stop consumption of avocados- Mexican in particular, as it is tested to be carcinogenic.

Gastrointestinal Infections

Excess consumption of avocados will lead to an upset stomach. It also leads to gastrointestinal irritation at times.

Restrict while dieting

Avocado is a high-calorie food that will increase your weight if consumed in large quantities. So it is advisable to avoid daily consumption if you are on a strict diet.

Other Adverse Side Effects

Sometimes people have suffered from adverse side effects like the flu, nausea, paralysis, fever, migraines and asthma due to over-consumption of avocados.

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