The Reasons Behind Dandruff (Infographic)


Dandruff is unfortunately familiar to most of us, occurring at times of stress, change in seasons, diet or hormones. Dandruff is basically white flakes of dead skin cells from your scalp that appear in your hair. There are many reasons for dandruff, including a dry or oily scalp, poor nutrition or sensitivity to hair products.

Dandruff is caused by the overgrowth of a common yeast, which feeds on skin oils. This is why dandruff comes more readily to those with oily scalps. Washing your hair often is therefore key in reducing and eliminating dandruff. Eating foods high in fat can also lead to the further production of oil in your scalp, which can cause or worsen dandruff. A diet low in iron and vitamins means a low supply of blood to hair follicles, which again can affect your scalp and sebum production, leading to dandruff. It is thus important to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Other reasons for dandruff are a weak immune system, suffering from other illnesses including stomach disorders, and even genetic dispositions. For more information, see the infographic below.

Infographics_Dandruff Problems


Explore this helpful list of top 10 oils to fight dandruff. Additionally read about hair benefits of Tea Tree Oil which is being loved by consumers for their homemade recipes and by brands as an ingredient in their products as an effective natural ingredient to get rid of dandruff. Check out this list of top branded dandruff shampoos containing tea tree oil.



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