Natural Home Cleaning: Tips & Recipes for a Home with Kids

Natural Home CleaningTips & Recipes for Kids

Being blessed with a baby is undoubtedly one of the joys of life that cannot be measured. With the birth of a baby comes the big responsibility of this new member’s health and happiness. Researchers now are trying to discover causes for babies and children increasingly being diagnosed with problems such as asthma, dust allergy and other respiratory related disorders. Though major factors that contribute to this includes are an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, a significant factor is also the kind of chemical agents that the child is exposed to. This can range from all sorts of products that are used in the child’s environment – including some that are supposedly meant to keep it clean.

Chemical Cleaners

The chemicals used in many home cleaning products are harmful and cause more damage than you think they do. It is thus very important to create an eco-friendly home for your babies and ensuring that your baby grows up healthy. Some harsh chemicals that you should ensure that your child is kept away from are

1) Phthalates

Very commonly used in household products such as detergents and soaps, phthalates are harmful not just in case of physical contact, but also when inhaled. The toxins present in phthalates can trigger migraines and, in some cases, even leads to asthma. Since the immunity system of a child is very vulnerable, phthalates are a strict no-no.


PERC or perchloroethylene is commonly used in spot removers and carpet cleaners. This chemical is extremely deadly and is said to be a neurotoxin as well as carcinogenic in nature. When inhaled in excess, it can lead to a lack of muscular coordination and dizzy spells among other symptoms. The fumes from this chemical are so strong that it prevails long after the cleaning is done.

3) 2-Butoxyethanol

This chemical compound is used extensively in kitchen cleaners. This chemical is so strong, that when inhaled, it can cause a sore throat. Children and infants can suffer serious health concerns if exposed to this chemical. Effects include liver and kidney damage and, in some cases, even pulmonary oedema.

There are a hundred other chemical compounds used in products in our homes that are harmful not just to children but also to adults. Thus, the best way is to minimize the chemical and non-eco-friendly products and cleaners and instead opt for safer homemade cleaning products. This will ensure that you are confident that you are using only kid-friendly cleansers which will not affect your child’s health in any way.

How to switch over to eco-friendly cleaning products?

The process of switching over to eco-friendly products can be done in one of the below two ways

1) Read the labels

If you are not a fan of natural/home-made cleaning products as you think they are too time-consuming, buy products that are organic and natural from the markets. Read the label of the product before you invest in it. Most products are said to be “infant-friendly” but the composition says otherwise. Thus, make sure that chemicals such as Phthalates and PERCs are not used. It is better if the product is fragrance-free as well. Make sure that the toxicity ratings on the label are kept to a minimum and you are good to go.

2) Make your own natural cleaning products

For those parents who want to completely stay away from off the shelf solutions, you can make your own cleansers. Given below is a list of quick and easy to make cleaning products that are 100% infant and child-friendly.

1. Vinegar

For streaked window panes Getting rid of the dirt on window panes can be quite a task. However, using a few spoons of vinegar mixed with a spray bottle of water is just what you need. Shake the bottle well and spray the liquid onto the glass. Wipe it off with some paper or a waste-cloth and your windows will appear squeaky clean.

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2. Natural Sanitizer

Rather than buying a sanitizer from the market, you can make one from the own comfort of your home. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil in water, and voila. Tea-tree is a great antibacterial agent and any surface, when wiped clean with this solution will be sanitized.

3. Baking soda for Stubborn Odours

Baking Soda kept in a jar on a wooden table

Getting rid of odours from your carpet can be a pain. However, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on your carpet and let it sit for a while. Dust it off like you normally would after a couple of hours and the odour would have completely disappeared. A green cleaning product that your child will definitely appreciate!

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4. Salt

Oven cleaners can be extremely toxic and your child should never be allowed near it. Also, the area needs to be ventilated right after to ensure that you are not inhaling any of the fumes left behind. Thus, ditch the oven cleaner and use salt instead. Using table salt over freshly spilt food can eliminate the stain in a jiffy making sure you never have to use that oven cleaner again.

By using these tips and tricks, you can thus make your home a little more eco-friendly and a lot more child-friendly.

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