Ecoware Natural Wooden Biodegradable Fork Review

Ecoware Natural-Wooden-Biodegradable-Fork-(Pack-of-25)

Product Snapshot

  • One of the best alternatives to plastic use and throw forks and cutlery.
  • Best to be used for parties or functions.
  • 100 % high-quality wooden forks: Derived from birch sourced replanted trees of farmed forests.
  • Chemical free and is made from recyclable sources.
  • Sustainable and environment-friendly product.
  • Lightweight yet a sturdy product.

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About Ecoware Natural Wooden Biodegradable Fork

These are biodegradable forks which is derived from the rich quality of birch wood. It is sourced from the replanted trees of a farmed forest. This is highly recyclable and easily digested by the earth as it is just wood designed in the shape of a fork. The importance of eco-friendly products have been well established and most of us now opt for reusable cutlery. But when it comes to occasions like parties and big functions, use and throw articles such as the Biodegradable Fork is a wise choice. It is completely useful as a biodegradable cutlery and is easily degraded by the earth. It is lightweight yet strong as a fork. This is an advantage over the conventional plastic forks which break easily over a little pressure.

Benefits of Ecoware Natural Wooden Biodegradable Fork

  • It has an elegant outlook.
  • It has a rich and classy design has a positive impact on one’s integrity.
  • It is a biodegradable cutlery
  • Easy to use and throw: without any guilt of damaging the environment.
  • Sustainable for use: Can be used for hot and cold foods.
  • It is an environment-friendly product.
  • It is a lightweight product.
  • It is safe to use as forks for pickles and other acidic foods which eat away plastic.

How is it Made

1) Birch Wood


Birchwood is a thin deciduous tree with a short lifespan. It provides fine-grained wood that is easily crafted into wooden forks. It is safe to use without the fear of slivers, as it can be well polished. It is light yet very strong and can be used as a good eco-friendly disposable cutlery. With the minimal use of chemicals in processing, Ecoware Natural Wooden Biodegradable Fork is highly reliable to be used with food and edibles. Also, the negligible amount of chemicals used makes it easy for it to be decomposed within a few weeks after disposal.

Why use this Product

  • Since it is derived from wood, it is a completely biodegradable fork, which can be utilized for one-time use purposes. It delivers elegance over the conventional plastic counterparts of use-and-throw cutlery. It is light yet sturdy. It can be used in both hot and cold food items without the worry of heat transfer to the fingertips.
  • The biodegradable fork is derived from birch wood, which is sourced from replanted trees. These are short-lived trees which grow quickly as they are planted frequently for production.

Physical Attributes

  • Quantity: 25 forks.
  • Length: 14 cm.


  • Do not make direct contact with fire as it will damage the fork.
  • Do not leave them soaked on water for a long period of time.
  • Do not put these wooden spoons in the dishwasher, especially if you have the drying cycle on.

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Thankfully, as the customers are becoming aware and conscious about their choice for disposable tableware, a number of brands have begun to offer biodegradable alternatives. Pair your Ecoware fork with a natural wooden biodegradable spoon from Ecoware.

Ecoware Natural Wooden Biodegradable Fork (Pack of 25) Rating ₹ 199

In Summary

Wooden forks save the planet, a bite at a time. Why use those evil plastic forks which are not only look cheap at your party but are going to degrade our land and waters too?


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