Clean Planet Cotton Storage Bag Review


Product Snapshot

  • Made from natural, unbleached and delicate cotton fabric.
  • Eco-friendly bags that safely keeps your vegetables and fruits nutritious and fresh for a longer period of time.
  • These biodegradable bags act as the perfect alternative to plastic storage bags.
  • Lightweight, reusable, hygienic, chemical free and easy to wash.
  • Entirely handcrafted and hand screen printed.

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About Clean Planet Cotton Storage Bag

The Clean Planet Cotton Storage Bag for Fridge contains a combo of large and medium-sized bags that are convenient to store your fruits and veggies inside the fridge or in the kitchen. Unlike plastic, it is an environment-friendly product, made with 100% natural cotton. These beautifully printed bags are absolutely safe and hygienic to use. As the fabric is breathable, it keeps your vegetables and fruits fresh and crisp in the refrigerator for days. The storage bags are easy to use and can be simply washed and reused whenever required.

Benefits of Clean Planet Cotton Storage Bag

  • Replacing your standard plastic bags with the Clean Planet Cotton Storage biodegradable bags is one step closer to green living and saving our environment by reducing the burden of non-biodegradable plastic from our planet.
  • The bags are made of 100% natural, smooth and delicate cotton and allow air circulation. It absorbs any moisture and keeps refrigerated products fresh and clean for longer.
  • These durable bags can be reused for many years as they can be conveniently washed. When they are of no use, they get decomposed in nature instead of polluting the environment.
  • Switching to these biodegradable bags will help you cut down food wastage from your refrigerator as it will prevent your veggies from getting slimy due to lack of air circulation.
  • Not only are the bags innovative, planet-friendly, non-toxic, sturdy and sustainable, but the wonderful prints are also sure to give your refrigerator an amazing style boost as well.

How Is It Made

1) Biodegradable Cotton


Nowadays the use of cotton isn’t just limited to clothes. Organic cotton is widely used to manufacture reusable and recyclable bags that aim to reduce plastic pollution across the globe. Biodegradable cotton is cultivated by such methods and materials that lessen the negative impact on our environment. The crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or any genetically modified organisms. This cuts down the discharge of harmful toxins into the eco-system and water bodies. Furthermore, biodegradable cotton is convenient, sustainable and easy to maintain. Even after it serves its purpose and cannot be used anymore, it can be recycled for other functions.

Why Use This Product

  • As per popular notion, we tend to store our fruits and veggies in airtight plastic bags or boxes that don’t provide any room to breathe. In reality, you need to give them an environment they can thrive in and that doesn’t occur in sealed plastic boxes. The Clean Planet Cotton Storage Bag for Fridge is made of organic cotton that is breathable and the gentle fabric retains the natural freshness of your fruits and veggies for a longer time.
  • The importance of eco-friendly products lies in the fact that it 100% biodegradable and non-toxic to nature. Unlike plastic bags, this product is BPA-less, chemical free and naturally degradable. Using plastic storage bags can contaminate food with chemicals that can lead to tissue changes, genetic damage and hormonal changes. These cotton storage bags are uniquely designed so that they can be washable & reusable, making them both hygienic and safe for daily use.
  • Not only does the eco-stylish cotton storage bags encourage the reduction of plastic bags from our planet, but act as a great first step in living a more sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, it is completely crafted by hands and supports livelihood programs for women. Contributing to such social causes by being a responsible, smart, and eco-conscientious person is a great way of influencing the society at large.

Physical Attributes

  •  In the box: Set of 6 storage bags- 2 Leafy Green Plus Size, 2 Fruits and Veggies Medium Size, 2 Leafy Green Medium Size.
  • Colour: It has a natural cream (base) with an earth green (print).


  • Not recommended to carry and hold excessive weight.
  • Hand wash the bags with herbal detergent and normal water. In case of machine wash, use a gentle setting.
  • Avoid direct contact with fire.

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Clean Planet Cotton Storage Bag (Set of 6) Rating ₹ 775

In Summary

Made from natural cotton fabric not containing any synthetics or chemicals, use these bags to keep your fruits and veggies fresh in the fridge while saying no the the pollutant plastic bags at the same time.


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