9 Benefits of Neem (Infographic)


Native to India, the neem tree, also known as the Azadirichta indica, has long been held to have innumerable benefits for health in the Ayurvedic tradition. Its antifungal, antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make neem good for dental hygiene, for treating infections, for delaying the signs of ageing and for treating various aches and pains as well as skin blemishes.

Using neem for face is particularly popular as an anti-ageing treatment. The fatty acids and vitamins in neem help to maintain skin’s elasticity, while reducing lines, wrinkles and healing scars. It is also common to use Neem for acne treatment.

Other benefits of neem include keeping aways insects and mosquitoes and treating fungal infections. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it effective in reducing various intestinal inflammations and removing bacteria causing cramps, constipation and other gastric disorders. People also use Neem for hair growth as it strengthens and conditions hair, as well as fights dandruff. For more neem benefits, see the infographic below.

9 Benefits of Neem

Tough skin conditions like eczema can use neem for relief. Extracted from the fruit and seed of the neem, Neem Oil is also a potent way to utilize the benefits of neem. Another way to use the benefits of neem is through the uses of neem powder. Explore further into these links to get the best out of Nature’s Own Doctor – Neem.


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