9 Benefits of Lemongrass Oil (Infographic)

Benefits of Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass is a grassy plant native to tropical climates in South-Asia. Lemongrass oil is distilled from the freshly cut leaves of the plant and possesses many healing properties. With its fresh, citrusy scent, it is also commonly used in aromatherapy treatments to treat stress, anxiety, depression and even headaches. (read here about the natural ways to keep stress low.) Its powerful fragrance makes it popular in air fresheners, scented candles and even potpourri, as well as various beauty products.

Lemongrass oil benefits for skin include controlling oil, cleansing and tightening pores and evening skin tone. Its natural astringent properties make it an effective toner, while its antibacterial properties provide a deep cleanse as well as combat acne. Other lemongrass oil benefits include controlling fungal infections, healing minor wounds and treating dandruff. Lemongrass oil can soothe a dry, itchy scalp and strengthen hair follicles, promoting healthy and shiny hair.

For more benefits of lemongrass oil, see the infographic below.

9 Benefits of Lemongrass Oil

Always remember to dilute essential oils before using them topically. Learn here about more benefits and detailed uses of lemongrass oil for hair. Essential oils have an effect on mood and on headache as well. Read here about 15 essential oils for headache relief.



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