9 Benefits of Almond Oil (Infographic)

Almond Oil

Almonds are considered one of the most nutritional nuts due to their healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Similarly, almond oil is full of vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It soaks into your skin quickly and has long been used as a traditional massage oil, particularly for muscle injuries and for newborns. This is largely due to its Vitamin D content, which helps the body absorb calcium and aids in better development of bones in newborns through an almond oil massage. Also, the analgesic properties of almond oil help to relieve pain from strained muscles. Other almond oil benefits for the skin include evening skin tone, reducing under-eye circles (check out how castor oil can be great for taking care of dark circles as well) and smoothing rough skin.

The benefits of almond oil for hair include strengthening the hair and preventing hair fall. Its antioxidants condition the hair and prevent split ends. It also soothes the scalp. Check out the 9 benefits of almond oil below to learn more about this natural wonder.

Benefits of Almond Oil

Dive deep into how almond oil is useful for your face care and skin care. It is great for hair and scalp health as well. For scalp health read more about how to take care of itchy scalp and how to restore health into dry scalp.



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