7 Benefits of Vetiver Oil (Infographic)

Benefits of Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil or khus oil is extracted from the roots of the native Indian plant called Vetiveria zizanioides. It has a characteristic earthy fragrance with citrus undertones. The grounding and calming fragrance of vetiver oil has numerous benefits. It is used to combat negativity and anxiety while inspiring feelings of tranquillity. Similarly, it is used to promote better sleep quality, as well as treating sleep apnea, snoring and even headaches. Vetiver oil’s earthy and sensual fragrance has also made it a popular ingredient in perfumes, particularly for men. Vetiver oil and the plant have been used in traditional and herbal medicine widely, from treating sleep disorders to improving sex drive.

Other vetiver oil uses include keeping termites at bay and healing various skin concerns. The regenerative properties of vetiver oil make it good for healing rashes, cuts, wounds, bites and even acne. At the same time, its antimicrobial properties prevent infection. Vetiver oil benefits the skin further as a great moisturizer that firms and tightens skin, as well as protects it from various signs of ageing. For more information on the benefits of vetiver oil, see the infographic below.

7 Benefits of Vetiver Oil

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