7 Benefits of Rosemary Oil (Infographic)

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is probably most well known as a herb used in Mediterranean cuisine. It is particularly used in preparing meat dishes, as it is known to help digest lamb and other red meats. In fact, rosemary is generally considered good for the stomach and digestive system, relieving cramps, constipation and flatulence. Rosemary oil is extracted from the leaves of the rosemary plant, Rosemarinus officinalis, which comes from the mint family, together with lavender, basil and sage.

Other rosemary oil uses include oral care and hair care, as well as in repelling mosquitoes. The antibacterial nature of rosemary oil helps prevent bad breath and treats cavities and plaque. Using rosemary oil for hair is very beneficial, as it can remove dandruff and a flaky scalp while nourishing hair follicles. This helps to promote hair growth as well as prevent premature greying. Rosemary oil is also known to improve blood circulation, which is good for the body and skin. Improved blood circulation makes your skin look healthy and glowing.

The infographic below will give you further health benefits of rosemary oil.

Health Benefits of Rosemary Oil

Essential oils such as rosemary oil are blessings of nature in many more ways than one. Like rosemary oil, these essential oils help naturally repel mosquitos and are used by several mosquito repellent brands. Rosemary’s oil aroma helps with lowering stress. Couple it with these tips to reduce daily stress in life and feel lighter again. Essential oils are also known to cure headache, so go on try these blessings of nature and live a happy healthy life.

Using essential oils requires them to be diluted basis different kind of uses, so check out these guidelines of diluting essential oils before you begin using some.


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