6 Health Benefits of Tulsi (Infographic)

Tulsi benefits

Historically, the tulsi or holy basil plant is believed to have healing and therapeutic powers. While native to tropical Asia, the basil shrub, Ocimum tenuiflorum, now grows in many tropical climates. Holy basil is different from other varieties of basil used in western or Thai cuisines.

The most common uses of tulsi are as anti-stress treatment, relieving stomach and respiratory problems and in treating acne. Tulsi is able to balance your hormones, thereby promoting physical and mental well being. One of the key health benefits of tulsi is its ability to protect your body from chemical, physical and psychological effects of stress. Tulsi is also used to aid in digestion, and treat congestion and asthma. Another tulsi benefit comes from eugenol, the primary active component of Tulsi, which kills acne-causing bacteria, making it a popular acne treatment. To learn more about how tulsi can benefit your health, see the infographic below.

6 Health Benefits of Tulsi

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