6 Health Benefits of Avocado (Infographic)

Health Benefits of Avocado

It is not without reason that avocados are called ‘superfoods’. They are high in healthy fats and a rich source of vitamins. The fruit of the Persea Americana tree, avocados grow in warm climates. Their creamy and earthy taste has earned them the nickname of ‘butter fruit’, while their pear shape and bumpy green skin has led to the name ‘alligator pears’. Most commonly eaten as guacamole, its high nutritional value has resulted in the use of avocado in all kinds of dishes, from smoothies to salads to main courses.

Avocado health benefits are manifold, from keeping your heart healthy to lubricating your joints, to improving your vision, in addition to the many benefits of avocadoes for skin. Oleic acid, the majority of the fat component in avocado, is known to reduce inflammation, which helps in arthritis and other joint pain relief. The potassium in avocados helps to maintain stable blood pressure, while its antioxidants help prevent eye degeneration. Avocado nutrition includes high fibre, which helps to improve digestion and remove toxins from the body while giving relief from constipation. To learn more about avocado benefits, see the infographic below.

6 Health Benefits of Avocado

The oil of Avocado works great for hair care too. We have compiled here a list of benefits and recipes of Avocado oil for hair. Avocado oil is also one of the suitable oils for curly hair. Avocado’s skin benefits can not only be utilized by its use in recipes for application on the skin, but also through plain simple consumption of avocado as food. Avocado is also one of the best foods for anti-ageing. So remember to pick some of this fruit in your next visit to the supermarket and harness all the goodness that comes from this great blessing of nature.



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