5 Health Benefits of Honey (Infographic)


Honey has been used for millennia by various cultures for medicinal purposes, as well as a natural sweetener. Honey is made by honeybees after collecting nectar from plants. The smell and taste of the honey thus depend on the flowers visited by the bees.

High in bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants, there are many honey health benefits. The antioxidants present in honey help to prevent cellular damage and reduce blood pressure. Honey’s anti-inflammatory effects help relieve seasonal allergies and symptoms of the common cold. In particular, honey is an effective cough suppressant and sore throat relief, particularly for children (over the age of one), and also helps them sleep better. Other benefits of honey include treatment of minor burns, wounds, cold sores and skin lesions, due to its antibacterial and healing properties. Honey is great for skin care and can even treat dandruff.

For more honey health benefits, see the infographic below.

5 Health Benefits of Honey

Impressed with honey? So get some honey and use it for your health and skin care. And don’t forget to check and use honey for hair health and growth too.



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